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Video Production In Vancouver Since 2013

Promotional Video

Take your brand awareness to the top level


With us, you get expert 2D & 3D animation

Corporate Video

Turn your interview into an impactful story


Clients' accolades are your most powerful voice​


You get brilliant Script and Ad copy​

& Training​

Your staff will become video experts​

Video Production Experts

Video Production in Vancouver

Media that is good for the planet

We are B Corp Certified!

Our mandate is use business as a force for good.

We accomplish this by choosing to tell stories of brands that directly benefit people, communities, and environment.

Our video content drives more traffic to these companies, so that consumer dollars are spent on brands that are truly making a better world.

Video Production In Vancouver Since 2013

Celebrating 10 years!

A Decade of Impact

We have over 10 years of experience with video production and animation for businesses of all sizes including startups, nonprofits, universities, and corporations.

Inspiring Stories

Our winning storytelling blueprint will ensure your video has the best impact and attracts the attention of the most ideal client, by speaking their language and putting them at the centre of your story.

Award Winners

We've won several awards and nominations for our work over the years; proving our videos make a lasting impact.

Vancouver Video Production

Awards & Certifications

Our Happy Clients

Trusted by these well known brands, and many more.


Expert Storytellers

Big Industry Experience

Before founding UpMedia, our team honed their skills in the high-stakes worlds of TV and film. Anthony, now Director at UpMedia, has a distinguished track record of working on award-winning television projects and productions showcased on prestigious platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO.

At UpMedia, we bring this big industry experience to every project, ensuring top-tier quality and innovative storytelling for our clients.

Small Business Focus

But creating a boutique production company of our own was the dream, and eventually we decided to bring that focus to small businesses like yours, that aim to make a positive impact on the world!

Leverage our decade of video experience, and work with us.