How To Show Your Subject?s Soul In Your Video

How To Show Your Subject?s Soul?On Camera

Want to make a person?s soul show through your video?

You heard it right. I am gonna teach you how in one easy step.

And if you follow this step your video quality will instantly sky rocket and stand out from everyone else?s work.

This technique is so simple will blow your mind.

I learned this amazing technique from a mentor of mine who was a master of videography. His mentor was a Hollywood director for years. When he showed me this simple technique it blew me away.

This technique brought so much presence and life to the subjects he was filming. It makes a person really come alive.
It makes them look more, human.

The technique revolves around this concept:

The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Seeing as that?s true, let?s light those baby?s up!

But hold on! Before you can succeed at this, you must have adequate lighting.

I highly recommend learning about the 3 point lighting system, which is extremely easy to learn.

Disclaimer: If your lighting is crappy this won?t work.
So assuming you have your room lit effectively, read on.

The technique is this:

Once you have your basic light set up, place a medium intensity light close to their face, and BOOM!

Lighting up the eyeballs of your subject, brings him/her to life.

As a viewer, you will feel an instant connection to the subject on camera.

Yo don?t know why, but those tiny lights reflecting off their eyeballs, gives a sense of soul. ?A sense of essence.


Look at this example:

portrait 1a

Beautiful isn’t she? Look closely at her eyes. Those two white points just draw you in.

Check out this one:

portrait 1B

Getting the picture?

But take a look at a shot without this technique:

portrait 3

Doesn’t it feel more shallow? Kinda generic?

No fair, that’s?because it?s a business photo.

Think so? Then check this out:

FRINGE: John Scott (Mark Valley) is entangled in a disturbing pattern that blurs the line between the possible and the impossible on FRINGE premiering Tuesday, Sept. 9 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) this fall on FOX. ?2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: George Holz/FOX

Even this angry dude draws you in. Notice the glimmer in his eyes? He?s not even trying!

So there. ?A simple technique to add light to the windows of the soul.

Happy soul searching!

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