4 Steps To A Compelling Story Arc

Do you want the secret recipe that movie directors like Steven Spielberg use to make million dollar hits?

You can now apply it to your own business videos, with these 4 easy steps.

Let’s begin.

setup1. SETUP

This is where you introduce and set up the HERO; the focal point of the story and the person the story revolves around.

Always have a clear and defined HERO.

Important Tip: The HERO should never be you or your business.

Instead, the HERO should be the customer your business serves. You want to use the story to appeal to your ideal client, so therefore the HERO should be the same archetype.

This is far more effective than you tooting your own horn.

Don’t worry, you will show up in the story soon. I’ve got you covered 🙂



Here, the HERO must suffer a wound. Every good story has a conflict. Without conflict, your story will be quite boring.

In business, the conflict (or wound) should be the problem your ideal client is currently facing.

Some examples can include:

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough money
  • Too much stress
  • Too much effort
  • Need education
  • Need motivation
  • Need exposure
  • Need a healthier life

The conflict gives meaning to the HERO, and purpose to the story.

This also inspires empathy from the audience. If the problem is relatable, empathy kicks in and they will become hopelessly attracted to the story in hopes there will be a resolution.

If the HERO eventually finds victory, it inspires hope for the audience.

This is the dramatic power of storytelling!

Make sense?

upmedia3. CLIMAX

The is the turning point of the story.

Typically it’s the point where things can’t get any worse. Something has to change.

This can also be the point where the mentor comes in and offers guidance (e.g. Yoda, Gandalf, Dumbledore).

A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to. – Gandalf

And so should you!

This is also where I suggest YOU make your grand entrance.

The mentor comes along and helps the HERO in a time of need.

Position yourself as the mentor, and your business as the secret weapon that helps the HERO overcome their conflict.

Your product = The lightsaber or the force

You and your business should be the thing that turns things around for the HERO.

This is directly applicable to your business weather you are a fitness trainer, consultant, contractor, doctor etc.

In one way or another, what you offer helps people. And that makes you mentor.

Your mentorship makes someone else a HERO.

Got it?




This is the aftermath and the HERO has come out on top.

This is the effect the business has had on the HERO.

How has their wound been resolved? How has their problem been solved?

How have they transformed because of your product?

Most importantly, how is the HERO empowered to be their best self because of you?

This is critical to consider, in a world of business where everyone is trying to brag and be the best.

Take the attention off of you, and put it on your client.

When you can position your client as a HERO; someone who is empowered by what you offer, you now offer a dynamic and cutting edge perspective to the market.

Use these tips to tell a compelling story, and you will be blown away at how well they work to get you attention.

If they work for Steven Spielberg, they will work for you!

Keep it UP.


Anthony Madani

Anthony is a growing expert in Business Storytelling and Creative Director at UpMedia Inc. He’s spent 12 years making compelling content in mediums such as 2D and 3D animation, graphic design and video, and on award winning television shows and movies. He is committed to building humanity in the business world with storytelling.

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