• July 24, 2017

5 Ways To Overcome Being Camera Shy

5 Ways To Overcome Being Camera Shy

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Video Marketing doesn’t work, if you are too camera shy.

But if you can appear comfortable and knowledgeable, you can really impact your viewers, and even create a sense of celebrity status online!

What if being great on camera didn’t require a superpower, or decades of experience, but rather a few simple tips?

In this article I will share 5 top tips to give you the camera charisma for content confidence!



Step 1: Practice on your phone.

This step may seem simple and obvious to some, but it’s an important step and super easy.

Do it when you’re by yourself. Reach in your pocket, pull out your phone, hit record and talk about your day. That easy.

Generally the first 10-40 seconds are super awkward, but once you get over that hump, it actually becomes fun. Because honestly, who doesn’t like listening to themselves talk a little bit?

My business partner and I started doing FB live videos recently, and I found that the first few were uncomfortable, but like anything you start to get used to it, and it becomes easier.


So set a goal of doing 1 video/week (or/day if you wanna speed up).

*You don’t need to show them to anyone. They are just for you.

Watch your confidence start to soar after 5 – 10 videos!

** Another key tip: Only talk about what you love. This will get you going and it may be hard to stop.



Step 2: Warm up.

Lebron James doesn’t just step on the court and steal the show. He warms up.

If you do the same, you can start to perform at an expert level.

Warm up your face:

Stretch your mouth, tongue and cheek muscles, so that you speak with clarity and precision. Be humble, don’t mumble.

Warm up your hands:

Get comfortable using them, moving them. Hand signals keep our attention, and when we see your hands, we feel like your authority.

Warm up your mind:

Practice the content you want to say, so that is sounds natural when you are creating your video.

If you were doing a Ted Talk, you would practice for months, so why doesn’t your video get the same love and care??

Give your content the prep time it needs, and you will ROCK during film day!

Step 3: Interview a Guest.

Ok, maybe being in front of a camera is just TOO SCARY.

No problem. Put the pressure on someone else 🙂

Guest interviews are an awesome way to create genuinely engaging content, and you don’t have to toot your own horn either.

Types of guests you can invite:

  • People who have a following or market you want to tap into.
  • Industry experts
  • Your favourite clients
  • Your industry mentors

Make sure you ask them relevant questions to your industry, so that the content serves as a promotion for your offering.

Be gracious and thank them for participating, and ask them where the public can find them, so they get some promotion out of it as well.


 Step 4: Use A Teleprompter

This is the best tool known to video marketers.

Reading off a teleprompter takes virtually all the fear out of being on camera since you only need to read. This will save you hours of film time.

Recently we did a video shoot in Vancouver for a marketing manager of a large firm.

He was having trouble delivering all his points word for word, and kept stumbling through his material. We started falling behind schedule.

Ever experienced this? (It’s pretty common.)


On day 2, we introduced the teleprompter. It literally changed everything!

We were able to 3x the speed in which we got through the videos, and he sounded way more confident.

Whether you want to boost camera confidence, or just want to speed up the filming process, the teleprompter is the way to go!


Step 5: Hire An On-Camera Coach

If you really want to take your video marketing to the next level, crush all camera shyness, and stand out from all the competition, seriously consider an on-camera coach.

They will help you with posture, presence, mindset, and a whole gamut of other hacks that you only learn from being on television and movies!

It’s really awesome, and you will look like a pro.

Hire them for one training session, or have them there throughout your video shoot.

At UpMedia, we almost always supply some form of camera coaching to our clients.

One of our staff is an actor, and she can massively boost your confidence after one session, even if you’ve never been on camera!


Now it’s your turn. Apply one of these tools today and watch your camera confidence go UP!


Anthony Madani

Anthony is a growing expert in Business Storytelling and Creative Director at UpMedia Inc. He’s spent 12 years making compelling content in mediums such as 2D and 3D animation, and video, and on award winning television shows and movies. He is committed to creating impact in the business world with video storytelling.

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