Explainer Videos

60 Second Explainer Video

Benefits of an Explainer Video


Explainer videos are a great way of educating your audience. In 60 seconds, you can get your message across to viewers at a high level with all of the important key points in an exciting and visual message.

Quick & Concise

These videos give your audience a quick glance at the key facts of your message. They’re designed to be short and sweet to give the viewers a taster for what they will want to learn more about.


The aim is to create a video long enough to get your points across but short enough to keep the attention of the viewers, and a 60 second video is the perfect sweet spot.


60-Second Video Creation


Depending on the desired pace and tone, you should have between 120-180 words for your 60-second video. You should plan your script accordingly to make sure all the valid points are made without it sounding rushed or forced.


Having the right graphics to match your story is just as important as the words, and this is where we take over. Our team are experts in creating the perfect graphics that aligns with your branding and conveys your story perfectly.


To help you get the most out of your 60-second video, we have workshop StoryWorx® t help you determine your critical story points and make sure these are front and centre of your explainer video.

Want A Story That Works?

Introducing StoryWorx

StoryWorx® is a short but powerful storytelling workshop.

We’ll take a deep dive into your brand’s Hero story, and determine your critical story points.

Then we take all those great gems, and put them together to create the perfect story for your video.

This process allows us to have the most impact when creating your video, from script to shot planning. 

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Some Of Our Happy Clients

What they said...

Angela Koulyras Director, Marketing & Communications

UpMedia ended up being the right choice for us, and gave us an awesome video that we are excited about!

Kyal Fleck Head of Marketing | HAVEN

We love the attention to detail and high production quality. The video has been a great addition to our marketing materials.

Jeff Nason Advanced Case Consultant

Working with UpMedia has been a really great experience! Thank you so much team for all the great work!

Morgan Friburg Director of Content Marketing

UpMedia was responsive, professional, and reasonably priced. I'd work with them again if the opportunity arose.

Jenn Murtagh Communications Consultant

UpMedia was incredible professional, creative, and seemingly grasped our brand and goals immediately.


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