7 Key Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos Small Businesses Should Know

animated explainer video

An animated explainer video is a concise animated video that explains a brand’s impact in an educational or entertaining way. The most important factor is that it is easy for the audience to digest.

If you want to demonstrate your key product or service benefits to an audience that’s unfamiliar with your company or offerings, delivering a presentation using an animated explainer video is an effective approach to attract and retain your audience’s attention and convey your message with clarity.

Here are seven key benefits of animated explainer videos that every small business should know.


1. Stimulate Visual and Auditory Senses

Many of us are visual and auditory learners. We enjoy learning through pictures. An animated explainer video can deliver your product or brand message effectively to your audience because your audience will be intrigued by the motions, graphics, and other visual elements in the animated explainer video.


2. Simplify Complex Topics

Topics related to technical products such as software or specialized equipment can be complex to explain. To help clients understand the product and highlight the importance of your product features and benefits, you can use an explainer video. The use of creative images, characters, or motion graphics helps your audience learn about your products or services.

An animated explainer video is an effective medium to bring your character into a real-life situation that links to your brand. Your audience will enjoy watching your characters solving a real life problem using your product or service.

Our brain processes visuals 50,000 times quicker than text. If you promote your product or service using an animated explainer video, your audience will likely consume content more quickly and thoroughly – and give it more of their attention!


3. Improve SEO Rankings and Organic Traffic

Embedding a video on your website can significantly increase your organic web traffic because Google would show webpages that have videos higher on Google search results. If your website appears higher on Google search results for relevant search terms, your webpage will likely gain more quality website traffic. Once these website visitors land on your landing page, they’ll likely watch the video since the video is related to the information they are looking for, and become more interested in your products and services.

Statistically, one in four shoppers say they’ve used YouTube to search for a video related to a product they’re considering while in store. This means that if you have an animated explainer video on Youtube, even if it’s embedded in your website, people will definitely watch!


4. Optimize Your Website Conversion Rate

Another excellent advantage of publishing an explainer video is the improvement in the conversion rate. Having an explainer video on the top of your landing page can significantly improve engagement and sales. As mentioned above, an animated explainer video helps your audience gain a comprehensive understanding of your products or services and this heightened understanding will increase their purchase intention which ultimately boosts your website’s conversion rate.


5. Differentiate Your Brand

You can share your brand’s personality and let it shine through an animated explainer video. Leveraging the tone of your script, visual styles of the video and characters in the video, and narrator in the video, you can best accentuate your brand personality and how it differentiates with competing brands in your market!

Here’s an example of an animated video we’ve made recently:

6. Show Up More On Social Feeds

Major social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok favour video content over static images. After you develop an animated explainer video, you can share it on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin to expand your online visibility and reach more prospective clients!

7. Usable In Multiple Areas Of Your Sales Funnel

Once you develop an animated explainer video, you can use it in any area of your sales funnel to help close that new lead!

For example, you can upload the animated explainer video onto YouTube for YouTube users to watch, embed the video onto your website for your web users to view, and include it into slideshow presentations to deliver the video to clients. This wide use of animated explainer video makes this type of video a powerful and economical marketing tool!

Now that we’ve discussed the key benefits of developing and using an animated explainer video to promote your brand or products or services, book a discovery call and learn about our animated explainer video services!

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By Anthony Madani

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