How Work Party Videos Boost Your Business

You know those work parties that everyone is having at Christmas or Halloween?

Did you know they are jam packed full with juicy marketing material?


Because it is a story about people creating something meaningful.

A compelling story is the best approach to attracting more business.

Today’s generation is sick and tired of sales gimmicks.

They crave personality.

If they can’t relate to you, they won’t buy your product.

If you have a good story, you become relatable, because YOU appeal to their ego.

Your work party is a great story. So capture it on video!

Here are 3 tips to creating a compelling Work Party Video.


1. Do Something Different

What’s new and exciting about your work party?

Is it the same old boring thing you do every year? What haven’t you done yet?

Ask people around the office to pitch ideas and help you organize.

Theme parties are always a win.


2. Capture Facial Expression

This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Or done poorly.

Capturing eyes and smiles highlights personality.

People are here to have fun!

They are doing things they don’t normally do at work. They are letting loose.

Mary is getting merry.

Shy-Sheila has finally emerged from her cubicle!

So make sure you capture this content close up.


3. Reflect The Values Of Your Business

Does this party affect the neighbourhood? Are you hiring a local baker to supply the desserts?

How is the world better off because of this event? What if everyone brought something to donate to a charity?

Use the party to further the values of the company, in a fun and dynamic way you normally wouldn’t.



If you can capture this on camera, your clients will get to see your personality.

They will see your party as a compelling story worth telling.

So party on!


Anthony Madani


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