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We specialize in 2D & 3D Animation explainer videos 

An Animation Explainer video is a promotional video created with 2D or 3D animation. They are used to help achieve a business goal, often sales or marketing related.

Watch our Demo Reel for examples of animation productions we’ve successfully completed.

There are four main reasons you need an animation explainer video.

  • Maintain top of mind awareness
  • Capture new leads
  • Increase your search engine optimization
  • Close more warm leads

1: Your Goals

The first question we ask is what does your video need to accomplish?

Once we know your marketing goals and challenges, we can start planning your Animation video.

2: Your Story 

Next, we use our StoryWorx® process to get crystal clear on what main story your animation video needs to tell to inspire real engagement.

3: Your Animation

Finally, we bring your vision to life with illustrations and animations and give you a finished deliverable you’ll love!

Based on our years of experience, we’ll create the most appealing visuals for your marketing needs, and give you opportunities for input along the way.

Learn more about our Production Process.

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Want A Quote?

The animation style and length you’d like are the biggest factors in our quote.

Let’s get a bit more clarity on what you need, and we’ll give you a quote.

At UpMedia, our explainer animation videos commonly range from $6,999 - $12,999 based on our client’s needs (length, style, complexity).  This general budget produces a high quality animation video that will boost your marketing impact and tell your story like no other.  Get a quote today!

For more information on the various stages of production, visit our page on Working With Us.

The most ideal length for an explainer video designed to build brand awareness around a specific campaign should be 60-90 seconds. Most people have an easy time committing 60-90 seconds to watch a video, but if they see the video is longer, they may lose motivation early on. Sometimes a video needs to be longer, and we can accommodate that. If possible, it's better to break your video down into smaller separate pieces for best performance.

Telling people what you do, and how you’re different will grow your audience and keep you top of mind. The best way to achieve this is to make your video tell a powerful story about the impact of your brand.

If you're a nonprofit looking to raise awareness or fundraising, it's best to showcase what impact you've made so far, and your future vision.

At UpMedia, we can help you determine which direction your story should go, and help you craft the perfect narrative for your animation video so it targets the right people. In fact, we insist on it 😉

As a general rule, producing a animation video can take about 6-10 weeks.

This timeline is achievable with an organized client and quick response time with approvals at each stage.

Proper project management on our side, and organization and timely decision making on the side of the client can increase production turnaround and make 6 weeks more feasible.



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