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Video Super Heroes: LARQ

Laughter Leads The Way To A Great Video!

How do you give your video complete differentiation, and still keep it appealing?

Do what LARQ did, and make your video absolutely hilarious!

Let’s take a look at how they make this video SO appealing.


Sound FX

This videos has a fantastic use of sound effects to build comedy.

  • Crash of water bottles
  • Crash of bowling pins
  • Swishes, swoops, swirls
  • bones cracking
  • Water splashing

The way they use sound effects here really add to the impact of their jokes.  In film, sound will actually make or break your video. If you can do something unique with sound or sound effects, you can really stand out.


Making A Mockery Of Reusable Water Bottles

They get really clear on the pain points, by mocking all the problems of a the common reusable water bottle:

  • They smell bad
  • Collect lots of odour
  • Worse than your dog bowl or your “loo seat”
  • Very hard to clean;  “How’s that hand-yoga working out?”

By making a joke of almost every pain point, they’re really building up the tension.

Tension and release tension doesn’t just make great storytelling, it makes great comedy!

Metaphors That Work

The next thing they do super well in this comedy video is their use of metaphors.

How are you going to describe that there is bacteria in the bottles in a simple and cost effective way?

They’ve already invested in a great script, a movie set, props, and a quality actor. Now they need to portray that your water bottle is filled with bacteria.

So they inundate the character with fluff balls to portray all the germ buildup.

Then they use a bowling metaphor to show how UV light from the bottle kills germs – Brilliant!

Always remember, metaphors can work really well to portray (hard to explain) problems and solutions in your comedy video.


Overall, my critique is that it’s funny, witty, and well written.

They covered the pain point really well, and made the solution sound like a miracle!



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1024 576 UpMedia Video Marketing

Video Super Heroes: Bamboo HR


HR can be overwhelming.

When multiple demands and personal requests pile up, it can become easy for someone in HR to stop liking people.

Bamboo HR makes it all manageable with their software.

They needed a video that could address all the different challenges HR can face in a day, and how all of these problems can be solved in one simple software solution.


What Makes This Video Awesome?


1. Multiple Pain Points

I love this video because it identifies pain points in rapid fire!

Pain points are critical to any marketing piece, especially in video.

The pain points are what gets your attention. 

No great movie starts out with a happy ending.

Good storytelling starts with a problem, and so does good marketing.

So Bamboo HR’s approach is fantastic because it spends a lot of time building up the need for the solution it provides.


2. It Keeps You On Your Toes

Script wise, the direction of this video is superb because it never has a dull moment. 

From the very first shot, there are shocking gags that keep you engaged. 

I love the way they shoot each scene so that something out of the ordinary happens.

This comes down to strong scriptwriting, and a solid Director – very key ingredients to a great marketing video.


3. It Makes You Laugh!

To build on keeping your attention, every pain point scene is funny.

They’ve found a great way of making you laugh or making fun of real life situations that can arise in every single pain point they cover.

Not only does humour engage your audience fully, it stays in your mind much longer.

That’s why a funny video is always the way to go when advertising. 

Aren’t the best commercials the ones that make you laugh out loud?