We specialize in Live Action Videos & Animation for your business or corporation.

Corporate video production is the process of creating a promotional video used by a corporation to help achieve a business goal, often sales or marketing related.

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There are four main reasons you need a corporate video.

  • Maintain top of mind awareness
  • Capture new leads
  • Increase your search engine optimization
  • Close more warm leads

To learn more about these reasons in detail, check out our in-depth blog on the benefits of Corporate Video.

Want A Quote?

The corporate video length and the style you’d like are the biggest factors in our quote.

Let’s get a bit more clarity on what you need, and we’ll give you a quote.

Our Goal:

Create a stunning video for you that impacts your ideal audience, all while making the whole process fun and easy for you.

How Do We Do It?

The first question we ask is what should your video accomplish?

Before we create your concept and write your script, we need to know your goals and client needs/challenges.


Then we use our StoryWorxⓇ process to get crystal clear on what main action your video needs to lead people towards.
Everything revolves around that, so we work backwards from there to make the best video marketing strategy.

Based on our years of experience, we’ll determine the best story for your corporate video, and give you opportunities for input along the way.

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Corporate Video FAQ

At UpMedia, our video production costs commonly range from $4,999 - $9,999 based on our client’s needs. This produces a high quality corporate video that will boost your marketing impact. This budget range would likely include script writing, an interview, film crew to capture required footage, and editing costs. We also offer several other add-on services as well. Get a quote today!

The most ideal length for your first corporate video designed to build brand awareness should be 60-90 seconds. Most people have an easy time committing 60-90 seconds to watch a video, but if they see the video is longer, they may lose motivation early on.

Telling people what you do, and how you’re different will grow your audience and keep you top of mind. This will lead to more sales. The best way to achieve this is to make your video tell a powerful story about the impact of your brand.

As a general rule, producing a corporate video can take about 4-8 weeks.

This timeline is achievable with an organized client and quick response time with approvals.

It takes about 2 weeks to consult and prepare the concept, script, and voice over. Filming preparation and execution take 1-2 weeks. Editing and post-production take another 2 weeks on average.

In total, this works out to 4-8 weeks.