Create Video Marketing that Doubles Revenue

Want to know how to create video marketing that doubles revenue?

More and more people are starting to create video marketing for their brand, and it’s hitting social media platforms every day. But just having a video does NOT guarantee you more sales!

If the video is poor quality and the content isn’t well prepared, it can even work against you. Instead, if you want to create video marketing that actually doubles your revenue, you need to have this one thing rock-solid in your video:

A compelling brand story.


Brand Story

A strong narrative story about your business, will keep people’s attention. People are wired to LOVE stories.

If you invite your prospects into a story, you will double the interest and see much more ROI.

“How do I tell a good story”, you say?

For many people, this is a pandora’s box. A mystery. A riddle. A puzzle…And then a headache.

But not anymore.

In this blog we’ll look at one simple, award-winning story strategy, to create video marketing that doubles the amount of interest in your brand.

Sounds good? Let’s do this!


The Hero

Every good story must have a Hero. It’s what makes Star Wars, and every Marvel movie so successful. It’s what makes sports so successful.

People love to root for a Hero.

The problem most people run into when they craft their video script, is they set their own Brand as the hero.

Bad idea.

It’s almost impossible to do this without sounding like you’re bragging.

Instead, make your Hero be your ideal client demographic.

This way you’re taking the focus off you, and putting it on how you truly understand your client. You’re now bragging about how much you love your client.

Much better!

When new potential clients see a video that speaks their language and focuses on them, they will LOVE IT.

This will definitely double your engagement.


The Villain

Every powerful story has a villain that opposes your hero.

If you want to create video marketing that doubles your revenue, you need a clear and defined villain.

Keep this in mind.

Your villain doesn’t need to be a person, it can also be a thing.

More specifically, it is the thing that’s causing your prospect pain.

The villain is the pain point!

Describing how this pain point inhibits your Hero’s life, creates juicy storytelling!

I strongly recommend starting off your video with this.

Pain really peaks interest. Tension keeps attention.

It’s also most of what your ideal clients are looking for when they go online to search for your product.

So don’t waste time bragging about yourself, get right into the client?s pain point (the villain), and you will already double the amount of engagement.


The Guide

You’re really gonna like this part.

Every great Hollywood hero movie needs to have a guide or a mentor that steps in and helps the Hero overcome the Villain.

And guess what, this guide is you! It’s when your brand gets introduced into the story.

Another great word for the guide is The Mentor.

How are you The Mentor for your client?

This should be an easy one to answer because it’s what you do best. It’s your expertise, and it’s likely why you got into that business in the first place.

Positioning yourself as a Jedi master (of your industry) is critical when you create video marketing.

This will really double the appeal of your video because at this point the audience gets to see you in a strong position.

At UpMedia, we do a lot of scriptwriting for our clients, and this is our favourite part.

Making you look like the Jedi master, is what we do best!


The Plan

Every good Mentor must equip the Hero to overcome the villain.

We call this The Plan.

It relates to your product or your service. It’s what you actually do to help people.

If your brand is The Mentor, then The Plan is HOW you mentor them.

If you want to create video marketing that works, you need to show them how you can help them in a simplified process.

An easy 3-step process works great for this purpose.

Here’s an example we have on our website, for The Plan we offer our Hero on their Hero’s Journey.

Include this in your video, and you will double the amount of response you get.



Call To Action

Want to really create video marketing that doubles revenue?

You absolutely must end your video with a strong C.T.A. (Call To Action).

At UpMedia, we like to call it Call To Adventure!

We call it that because it’s where you beckon other Hero’s to take up the sword and overcome their Villain, of course, with the help of The Mentor, and The Plan!

See how this strategy ties it all together?

FYI this is the simplified version that is used to create Hollywood feature movie scripts. It really works!

Every part of this brand story strategy is meant to gain attention and build interest.

But the call to action is where you actually produce ROI.

It’s where you get prospects to click, learn more, and of course, buy.

Good videos generate action. So don’t create video marketing without a Call To Action.

Good luck, and happy storytelling!


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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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