The Quick Guide to Corporate Video Production

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Corporate video production is an effective tool for any business to communicate with its target audience. 

It enables companies to showcase their products or services, brand values, and company culture in a visually appealing manner. 

Through corporate video production, businesses can convey their message in a concise and engaging manner, making it a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy.

In this article, we will discuss the three main topics related to corporate video production, namely, the benefits of corporate video production, the process of creating a corporate video, and the importance of incorporating SEO into corporate video production.

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production offers numerous benefits to businesses. 

Firstly, it helps in building brand awareness by showcasing the company’s products or services. Through corporate videos, businesses can highlight their brand values, unique selling points, and company culture, thereby creating a strong brand image. 

Corporate videos can also help in educating customers about the company’s products or services, leading to increased sales.

Another benefit is that it enables businesses to stand out from their competitors. By creating high-quality and engaging videos, brands of all sizes can differentiate themselves from their competitors and establish themselves as leaders in their industry.

Compelling video content is highly shareable on social media platforms, making it an effective tool for businesses to increase their reach and engagement. By sharing corporate videos on social media, businesses can attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Creating A Compelling Corporate Video

The process of creating a compelling corporate video involves several steps. The first step is to identify the purpose of the video and the target audience. This will help in creating a video that resonates with the intended audience and achieves the desired goals.

Once the purpose and target audience are identified, the next step is to create a script for the video. The script should be concise, engaging, and clearly communicate the intended message. This is where a well developed script strategy is most important. 

The third step is to plan the visuals of the video, which includes selecting the appropriate filming location, lighting, and props. The visuals should be aligned with the message conveyed in the script and should be visually appealing.

SEO Optimization In Corporate Video

Incorporating SEO into corporate video production is essential for businesses to increase the visibility of their videos on search engines. By optimizing videos for SEO, businesses can attract more viewers and increase engagement.

One of the best ways to optimize corporate videos for SEO is by adding appropriate titles, descriptions, and tags. This will help in making the videos more discoverable on search engines and improve their ranking.

Another way to optimize corporate videos for SEO is by embedding them on the company’s website and sharing them on social media platforms. This will help in increasing the visibility of the videos and driving traffic to the company’s website.

Things to consider:

• What keyword is in the video’s title?

• Are those same keyword/s in the video’s description

• Is that keyword in the name of the video file? (also important)


Corporate video production is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their target audience. Through engaging videos with a strong script and story, businesses can showcase their brand values, unique selling points, and company culture in a visually appealing manner. 

By following the process of creating a corporate video and incorporating SEO, businesses can create high-quality videos that attract more viewers and increase engagement. 

You know, the kind you deserve 😉

By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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