How To Hire The Right Video Team

Most successful companies are now looking to video to boost their reach and attract clients.

But finding the right corporate video team can be difficult, with a wide range of prices, and wider range of good and bad experiences! Often times, business owners like you pay a lot of money, and don’t get what they want.

So here are the top 4 things to look for to guarantee you hire the right video team for your company, and get the video you want and need to boost sales.


1. Personality Match

It’s important that you like the personalities you are working with, and get to know them ahead of time.

You are gonna be working with them on camera, which is often uncomfortable as is. So if you don’t have good rapport from the beginning, it’s gonna be that much harder during film day.

Look for early clues. In discovery meetings are they likeable?

Do they seem fun to work with?

These are good indicators to look out for.

Also check references and testimonials, as this will help you get a better feel for who you’re dealing with. If you can’t find any on their site, just ask them. Taking the extra time to scope this out will really help your decision making process.

2. They Are Reliable and Accountable

It’s highly important to work with a company that delivers on time and on budget. This will really make the process pleasant and enjoyable.

But, recognize that artists and professionals are two different things, and not always mutually exclusive. Some artists fall behind in their work, some are sloppy, and some just literally just vanish!

Look for them to demonstrate integrity while still in the decision making process.

Do they show up on time for meetings and phone calls?

Do they send their proposal when they say they will?

Are they easy to get a hold of?

If they say things like “I’m sorry I can’t work this week. It’s a full moon and mercury is in retrograde”… Run away!

Look for little clues in the beginning. How they do one thing is how they’ll do everything.

A company that is reliable and accountable will be well worth the asking price, and will easily meet your expectations.

3. They Aren’t The Cheapest

Speaking of price, when it comes to marketing your business, what you pay is what you get. Videos can be expensive and you may be tempted to find the lowest price and save money.

But going for the lowest priced artist is a huge mistake.

Want to know the 3 reasons why people are the cheapest?

  1. They don’t have enough experience
  2. They are bad business people, and may not stick around.
  3. They will make it back by gouging you with extra costs during production

Artists who are the cheapest on paper either cost you more in the long run, fall behind, or just don’t have enough talent to maximize your ROI.

If you start to look at it as an investment, higher prices mean you will not only get higher quality work that you feel confident about, but most often you get a fantastic customer experience!

If you want a video you can feel proud of, stop measuring against the cost.

Measure the quality of their demo reel, like-ability and quality references, and start looking at it as an investment in your business and yourself.


4.They Clarify Your Message

It’s not just important to have a video. You need to have a video that works!

So many companies are willing to film you without taking any measure of what your message should be, and the importance of making it crystal clear to your ideal audience.

Therefore, make sure whatever media company you hire has an in-depth evaluation of your target market, and their own specialized process for clarifying your brand story.

For example, at UpMedia we introduce our Story-methodology process, which helps our clients get clear on their uniqueness using a story architecture called the Hero’s Journey. It also shows them how they are a catalyst for their ideal clients’ transformation. All the content we film is derived from this session. Needless to say, it makes powerful content!

Make sure your media company has something similar, or you may be verbally spinning your wheels and your video may fall on deaf ears.

In conclusion, make sure you are totally certain you have the right video company. Investigate and do your research. It can only help your make a stronger decision. If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask me. I’d be happy to help make a suggestion.


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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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