6 Top Tips On How To Make A Product Video That Boost Sales

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A product video is the best content type used by marketers to sell products. Are you doing it correctly?

What Is A Product Video?

A product video focuses on a product’s functionality so the consumer knows how it works. 

Product videos have become so relevant, that 55% of shoppers actually use video while shopping in store. – Thinkwithgoogle

But in order for your product video to really boost sales, it needs to do more than just show it’s function. 

It needs to create an emotional desire inside of your viewer.

You can accomplish this by making your video about the problem, the solution, and the improved life, created by the product. 

When you have that you will tap into emotions, and emotions make the sale happen.

So let’s review the different types of product videos you can create, and the best tips available to ensure your video boosts more sales!

Types Of Product Videos

Launch video 

When you have a brand new product to launch, you’ll want to use a launch video.

It’s a great video for creating hype and excitement around your product.

71% of consumers would rather watch a video in order to understand a new product. 

When consumers start to better understand your product, that’s when the sale happens. 

Even better, when they feel like your brand really understands them, they will feel compelled to shop from your brand. 

So make sure your product video begins by building empathy with your audience, before revealing the solution the product offers. 

Product Demo/Tutorials

Let’s face it, some products require a little more explanation up front. 

Product Demos and tutorial videos are specifically designed to show your consumer how your product works in greater detail, and answer most commonly asked questions.

So what should you cover in your product demo?

First, answer the question why your product is so different or important to the consumer.

Then you’ll want to cover the most common use cases of your product. 

Make sure at the end of your video you explain how the client can purchase and install your product.

Influencer Marketing videos

Working in collaboration with influencers can greatly help the exposure and success of your product video. 

If your product doesn’t require a specialist to explain how it works, then let someone else with some celebrity status take a stab at it. 

This can happen in two different ways. 

They can do what’s called an “unboxing” video, where they walk their own established audience through the process of unboxing it and using it. 

The other is for them to create a product review video. This is virtually the same thing, except the content of the video is focused on use-case. 

You can establish what parameters you’d like them to discuss ahead of time, but remember that in exchange for their viewership, you’ll likely need to pay them, or give them your product for free (as a sponsorship). Depending on their audience, this can be a win-win for everyone!

Ads or Promotional video 

Want to target a more specific audience without using an Influencer?

Sometimes it’s easiest to go directly with paid ads!

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok offer incredibly specific demographics for you to add to (which you can customize by things like age, location, and special interests).

Marketers are getting great success out of investing in product promotional videos, and ads put your video front and centre.



6 Product Video Tips For Boosting Sales 

It’s All About Emotion!

Yup. It’s all about creating an emotional need. 

A video that assumes your audience is already interested in your product will not hit a home run. 

Take it upon yourself to establish interest, and that starts with understanding your client’s pain point. 

The better you understand your client’s pain point, the better you can reflect it in your product video and create emotional engagement. 

Show Your Superiority  

Want to be the king or queen of the jungle, and have your sales reflect that?

If you’ve got a product that you think is superior, then don’t be afraid to show that in original ways.  

As far as marketing goes, often just being bold enough to make that claim goes a long way, but if you can demonstrate it, you’ll have a winning product video!

Here’s a great example of showing superiority (with not a lot of budget).



Tell A Powerful Story 

Ok so maybe using your product to blend phones and stormtroopers is not quite your brand style. I get it. 

Another great option is to tell a powerful story. This is much more classy. 

Telling the story of your client is always a powerful approach to video.

The Giving Keys has an amazing cause, and I really like what they did with their video series to create compassion and heartfelt impact. Here’s just one example:



If you want to go with an approach that has been proven over time to work, consider a testimonial style like this. And yes, they work really well in a series!

Make Me Laugh 

If you’re willing to be a bit daring with your brand, then I’d highly suggest you consider comedy videos. 

If you make someone laugh when they’re just meeting you, they’ll always remember you. 

Well the same thing works with product videos. 

One of the all time greatest examples of this is the Dollar Shave club video:



Wondering if a comedy video will give you any financial ROI?

This video generated over 12,000 sales of their product at a time when their brand was virtually unknown. Their product, their success, and their product video completely changed their industry!

Comedy videos work really well. As long as they make your audience laugh (and not cry) in the process.


Spend Extra Time On Concept 

If you really want your video to make an impact in today’s competitive marketing world, you have to come up with an original concept. 

Honestly, if you don’t, you video just won’t be able to compete. 

I know a lot of people tend to skip this stage because it’s unfamiliar. But the truth is, any great video that you’d like to reference – will have a concrete concept. 

Therefore, if you’re willing to spend a bit more time on a creative and original with your video production team, you will definitely increase your chances of success, and even video virality. 

The key to making concept creation easy, is getting lots of reference. You don’t have to create something brand new, but if you can fuse a couple good ideas together, you can create something groundbreaking!

Here’s an example of a video that spent time on concept, and ended up generating over half a million dollars in sales, after one video.



Professional Cinematography

One thing that made Mission 8 video generate some much money was the fact that it was filmed very well.  Same with Dollar Shave Club. 

These videos don’t suffer from poor production quality. 

The necessity of a professional camera team is hard to quantify and justify. But it really does improve your ROI, as seen in the examples above.

So if you want your brand to look really professional online, you’ll need to allocate some budget to hiring a professional film team. 

What if you’re a Solopreneur, and can’t afford the prices that professional video production companies charge?

Perhaps consider a starter package like The S.A.V.E. 

That way you can get a great looking video for a really modest price. 

Spend More Time On Copywriting

I’ve saved this tip for last, because it’s actually the most important. 

What you say in your video makes or breaks it. And that comes down to the copywriting. 

If you are going to spend a little extra on any part of your product video, make sure it’s the scripting. 

Make every word count, and relate to the passion of your clients. 

This will take your video from good to great. 

Video viewers want content that relates to their passions. – Tara Walpert Levy | VP, Agency and Brand Solutions at Google

Hiring a team to help your script speak your customers language and create that needed passion will make all the difference in the success of your video!

By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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