How to Make World Class Videos

Imagine the impact you can make, when you have a world class video on your website.

You now have twice the attention and twice the demand.

What?s stopping you?? You probably think it requires an insane amount of money don?t you?

Well guess what? ?It doesn?t.? And it?s much easier than you think!

With this awesome blog, I am going to show you three simple ways to generate a World Class Video.

In fact, you may not beleive it was this easy all this time. But it is.

Follow these 3 steps and your video marketing quality will shoot through the roof.

Step 1: Copy the Best

When is the last time you looked at what the best video producers are doing, with intent to learn?

Do you even know who the best is?? If you don?t and you are making videos, shame on you!

Truth is the best is relative, but agreeably there will be an impact when you see their work.

So step 1 of step 1 is to find out: ?Who is the best? What are they doing?

A really good place to look, is Staff Picks on Vimeo.

There is no shortage of amazing world class work here.

Step 2 of step 1, is watch and learn! ?See what they do, and copy the concept.

You will feel amazed at how much you can turn around and implement their qualities.

Michael Caine once said, ??If you see an actor doing a piece of business you admire ? steal it. ?Steal it! Because?they did. ?

[Tweet “Being the best is the only market that is not crowded”]

Step 2:? Work with the best

If you can?t beat them, join them.

Meaning, if you know someone that can run circles around you artistically, hire them!

Having a Rock Star on your team makes you a Rock Star- in the eyes of your clients.

You should be hiring UP.

I can animate in 3D.? But I have a someone on my team that is 10 times as good.? So I? no longer use me 🙁

?But they are more expensive? ? you cry out fearfully clutching your teddy bear.

Guess what then? Charge more!

And if you can?t, then negotiate a lower rate with your Rock Star, and break even on this one so you can get a solid piece for your portfolio.

Having a rockstar on your team means you can approach bigger clients. More power.

Trust me, hiring someone better then you? is totally worth the investment,

and it compounds your capabilities.

Step 3:? Give your best

I am gonna keep this short and sweet.

Give your best.


To give your best is to receive the best.

If you want to get to a world class level, you need earn it with hard work.

The good news is,? people will notice. ?And you will freaking LOVE IT!!

So give your best. Done deal.


Are these steps easy or what?

You CANNOT produce crappy material if you follow them. So this is your call to action.

What will you commit to?now to start to mimic a world class artist?

Post it in the comments below and let?s create a flurry of video goodness.

Keep it UP.


Anthony Madani

Anthony is a growing expert in Business Storytelling and Creative Director at UpMedia Inc. He’s spent 12 years making compelling content in mediums such as 2D and 3D animation, graphic design and video, and on award winning television shows and movies. He is committed to building humanity in the business world with storytelling.

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