Linkedin Video Is Blowing Up!

Want to do more video on Linkedin?

It’s time to start leveraging video on Linkedin.

It?s become a rapidly increasing trend.

Ever since Linkedin jumped on the video bandwagon, people from all professions have been using video in fun and creative ways.

As a result, businesses are gaining lots of new attention.

How can you leverage this increasing trend


Here’s a couple of ways you can use video on Linked in to grow your brand.


Linkedin Video To Promote Your Services

A man named Rutger Hofman, a towing and mooring master and freelancer, decided to shoot a time-lapse of the sun coming up on the ocean. 

So far, this simple idea got him 81 comments and over 700 likes!

Linkedin Video To Promote Your Resume

Linkedin is mostly known for recruitment and resumes. A lady named Niah created a “video resume”.

That”s thinking outside the box!


Linkedin Video To Promote Your Talent

Shaun Chen created a virtual reality set to show people how to find their camp at Burning Man.

She did this to show off her talent in creating virtual reality, and promote her services online.


Great ideas for your profile

First of all, use video on Linkedin to tell your brand story.

Interestingly, telling your story with video a great way to attract attention on Linkedin.

People LOVE a good story, and will find you more relatable and interesting if you use a story arc format.

Use video on Linkedin to show your company culture. People love behind the scenes, so this is another great way to show your human side, as well as the heart and soul of your company.

People that find you relatable, find you trustworthy, so show them your true colours!

Use video on Linkedin to show client testimonials.

Show the transformation of your customers, and you will appeal to new potential clients.

Video testimonials let other people position you as the authority.

Use them to handle objections, or get people of the fence about whether they want to buy from you.


Above all, people will continue to use Linkedin in exciting and creative ways this year.

So don’t get left behind.

Get your video on Linkedin, and ride the wave to new business growth!




Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Creative Director at UpMedia Inc and a growing expert in Business Storytelling. He’s spent 12 years making compelling content in mediums such as 2D and 3D animation, and video, and on award winning television shows and movies. He is committed to creating impact in the business world with video storytelling.


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