Linkedin Video Marketing Strategy For High Performing Results

Business man giving a presentation on while video recording. Its his Linkedin video marketing strategy.

What is a Linkedin Video Marketing Strategy?

A Linkedin video marketing strategy is an organized plan for what videos you’d like to post on your Linkedin account so that you get the most sales and business growth.

Why is this important?

Linkedin has emerged as one of the best channels for video. In fact, studies are showing that 87% of marketers found it to be a highly effective channel for their video content!

If you’re not posting videos on Linkedin, it’s time!

However, which videos you choose to post will make a big difference in your success, and that’s why you need a good strategy. 

Lucky for you, I’ve got one.

And it’s a good one – so read on!


Your Official Linkedin Video Marketing Strategy

Linkedin is primarily a networking platform. So for best results, your video strategy should be broken down into 2 main networking approaches:


1. Grow Your Brand Awareness

This is less about closing sales, and more about building new relationships via your video content.

Your video can do quite a lot of networking for you, and this is a huge time saver. It’s also more of an inbound approach, meaning it attracts people to you, instead of the old school approach of messaging people individually, which most people just ignore. 

Educational videos are a great example of this, because they show people that you’re an expert. 

Promotional brand videos are also a great way to help people take interest in you.

Here’s an example:



2. Increase Trust With Current Connections

How many Linkedin connections do you have that are sitting idle, or require some nurturing?

As I mentioned before, it takes a long time to reconnect with each one individually, whereas having a video of yourself (or your brand) can deepen people’s understanding of what you’re up to, and how you help people.

When people see you on video more often, they’ll start to recognize you as an authority, and their trust in you will grow. 

Story or narrative style videos are great for this, because they stir up emotional connection, and that builds trust. 

So my suggestion is to ensure the overall aim of your videos is building relationships, old and new. This will be the most relevant content specific to Linkedin. 

Best Linkedin Video Specifications


Best Length

When it comes to your Linkedin video length, you’ll want to keep this extra short.

I know there will be an impetus to make your video a few minutes long, and prove you’re a smarty, but that’s not going to work as well, unless you have a large audience.

Considering that the psychology of people on Linkedin are in work mode, or research mode, they won’t spend much time checking you out. Hit them with small doses. The most ideal length is 15-60 second videos. 

This is good news! Especially if you’re planning to make ongoing video content. It makes your job easy. 

Plus, these short videos work great for other platforms where you’ll want to post Instagram videos, Facebook videos, and Tik-Tok videos.

So crank them out by the hundreds! Ok, maybe just dozens.


Best Width

When it comes to aspect ratio, horizontal (widescreen) videos are best for Linkedin. So don’t go posting your square Instagram videos here, and definitely not your vertical Tik Tiok videos either! They won’t look good. 

Keep it widescreen (think Youtube size), and you’ll be right on target. 

Consult this incredibly complex diagram for more clarity:


Showing the aspect ratio measurements for: Linkedin video, Instagram video, and Tik Tok video.


Get Your Story Straight

Ok, this is important. 

Brand storytelling is critical to all your videos, no matter what platform your on. Linkedin video is no exception. 

I’ve written a whole blog on the massive impact of storytelling in business, but I’ll summarize it here.

Storytelling is what makes people actually care about your video. If you tell a story that people can relate to, more importantly, see themselves in, they will take a sudden liking to your brand. 

Good storytelling is highly effective communication. So use it. 

If you don’t know where to start with your story or your script writing, consider getting a consultation with a brand story expert.

For example, our own StoryWorx process helps you create the most ideal video content possible.

But for now, get your story straight in your video by telling a story about your ideal client. You only need one video like this if it’s done well.

This is a video you can attach to your Linkedin profile, so when people check you out, they’re more likely to watch it. 

See my example below. I’ve got tons of videos! But hey, I’m a video guy.


A screenshot of videos in a Linkedin profile. It's part of your Linkedin video marketing strategy.


The Best Content For Linkedin Video

Considering that you’re attempting to network and build relationships on Linkedin, let’s look at the two best ways to accomplish that with your videos.



One of the top ways to create impactful videos on Linkedin, is to educate. Linkedin is a platform that loves Thought Leadership, so creative video content where you teach, will align with the platform’s culture. 

Interviews are a great example of this, since people can listen in and learn something new. But remember to keep them short; break them up into bite-sized mini-doughnuts of video goodness. 

Help your ideal audience answer burning questions. Now in order to do that, you have to know your audience. And this is where getting clear on your brand story comes in handy.

Here’s a good example of a video that educates it’s audience with trending news:




The second option is to simply entertain. This is a better option if “teaching” isn’t really part of your brand. Entertainment doesn’t have to be funny videos (although humour works well).

Entertainment could just be a fun way of telling what your brand is up to, or what your clients are up to. 

Entertain essentially means: have fun! 

The truth is, a brand that has fun is a brand that attracts.

So if your brand has an outgoing and bold personality, consider videos that highlight the fun you have, and they will be entertaining.

Here’s an example that is entertaining (but still educational) with the use of simple animation. Leave it to Linkedin itself to get it right.



Say It Without Saying Anything

Here’s an important fact to consider in your Linkedin videos: 70% of people scrolling Linkedin are watching videos with the sound off. 

This might seem like a major disadvantage to those making videos, but hey, you can always turn lemons into lemonade.

And you do that by ensuring that your videos work well without audio. 

First and foremost, if your videos have a lot of education (such as interviews or tutorials), consider adding closed captioning.

That way people can read your video and watch, without needing to hear anything. 

Second, if your videos are more on the visual side, consider having some simple lines of large kinetic text spliced in with the visuals.

This way, people can get the key selling points without needing to hear anything.


Anthony Madani

By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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