SLACK: A Great Marketing Video

Communication Software is pretty damn hard to make interesting, unless you have a revolutionary marketing video.

So, how do you make a corporate video that clearly explains its diverse functionality, while keeping it engaging and even memorable?

That was the challenge that SLACK was up against.

However, this video completely nailed it!

Here are four ways they’ve achieved UpMedia’s Super Hero status.


Mockumentary Style

Using a Mockumentary style is a great approach when making an appealing marketing video.

As a general theme, they’ve modelled the infamous mockumentary TV show, The Office.

They filmed the video as a mock- documentary, about the use of the app in a video production office.

They’ve used great storytelling by having multiple staff interviews, most of them setting up simple gags with funny punchlines.

Want to know what made the show “The Office” so funny?

It was relatable.

It focused on regular boring office life, something almost everyone relates to.

However, since the main demographic of “The Office” was looking to escape their own office life by watching TV, creating a show about more office content, was a gamble.

But they succeeded because they drew comedy from the mundane life in an office and the relatability dominated.

I believe the same paradox works with this marketing video, and “The Office” style of video is a great point of reference for comedy.

In this video, however, they showcase the comedy side of modern-day apps and office communication problems.

For SLACK’s ideal demographic, many will relate to these project management challenges. 

It’s likely after watching this marketing video, they will relate to SLACK really well.


Simple and Clean Visual Effects

You don’t need a lot of crazy animation to make a great marketing video.

However, when you’re trying to explain software pain points and digital communication challenges, going with simple and clean visual effects can be really effective.

This video uses visual effects to convey the simple challenges the office faces for example,

How stressful it becomes when you have too many messages to respond to at once.

The animation also helps you visualize the concise communication the office starts experiencing thanks to the use of SLACK.

Also, the visual display of SLACK’s cloud-based functionality, such as the drag and drop of files, looks really great, and easy to understand.

Overall, the animation is very simple, yet it goes a long way.


Beat Your Point To Death

One way to create great humor is to beat your point to death!

This video does this really well in showing the multitude of web applications SLACK integrates with.

Having one of their staff, list out so many names that it requires three different scenes really drives the point home.

Plus it makes for a hilarious gag. Well done!


Always Have A Clear Pain Point

Whether your marketing video is funny or serious, you need to have a clear pain point.

If you don’t, your ideal client won’t relate to your video.

This video makes it pretty clear from the beginning – and you see how disintegrated their office’s communication is.

The fact that different people communicate in so many different mediums under one roof, is something so many of their ideal clients can relate to.

It’s a great setup for us to understand the solution that SLACK provides.

Make sure your marketing video always seeks to clarify the pain point right from the beginning.


A big shoutout to Sandwich Videos in L.A. for the video production. You guys are amazing!


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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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