This Marketing Video Made Half A Million Dollars!

(Case Study)

Check out this phenomenal marketing video success story!

Quick Overview

They company is called Mission 8, and their product is a shower-head.

Their goal with their fundraising campaign video was to raise $20,000.

Their result? Over $500,000!

This kind of success rate is definitely uncommon, however, it presents an amazing learning opportunity.

Want to copy their success?

Let’s break down this video into it’s raw elements, so you can decide what you want to apply to your own marketing video!

Concept Creation

One thing we insist on before you start your marketing video is to spend time on concept creation.

I learned this from my days of working in TV and film production. If you don’t have a strong concept, you don’t have a show.

The same goes for your video.

Please don’t attempt the same thing everyone else is doing.

Successful marketing requires innovation.

But innovation is scary. It’s unknown.

Can your concept creation be simplified?

Of course.

Want to simplify the creation of a brilliant idea? Then you need to have a reference.


Reference is a great hack to creating good ideas.

If you have other great ideas in front of you, then you have a foundation, to begin with. A head start.

And truthfully, all great ideas were spawned from previous great ideas. Nothing, in essence, is original.

The great actor Micheal Cane once said, if you see someone do something you like, take it. They got it from someone else.

So start with reference.

Combine and collage many great ideas into one. Finesse it, and nurture it, and add your own genius. Soon, you will end up with something unique, powerful, and original!

Want an even simpler approach to creating your concept?

Start by choosing a Theme.

A theme is a subject or idea that recurs throughout your marketing video.

In this video, the theme was simple: 2 gangsters doing a private deal, except it, wasn’t the usual drugs, weapons, etc. It was a shower head.

That’s it. Simple.

Where can you find other popular themes?

Look around at what movies are popular today. Hollywood and Netflix do a lot of research to find out what themes people like, and then make movies about those themes. Catalogue those trends, and you will have a handful of great themes to start with.

Remember – gather lots of references, and you will fill your cup with great ideas!

Concept creation is only the beginning stage of this great marketing video.

What else did they do to win?



One incredible way to make your marketing video stand out is to make people laugh.

And one effective method of humour is satire.

Satire is different from other forms of humour, such as silliness (which includes people acting stupid or ridiculous), which just isn’t as classy.

You want to make people laugh, but not always at the expense of your dignity.

Satire can be funny, and still, be classy.

You can accomplish satire with the use of irony, or exaggeration.

Here’s a brilliant quote on satire:

Satire is always a critique of some form of human behaviour, vice, or folly, with the intent of persuading the audience to view it disdainfully and thereby encourage a degree of social change.

– LeBoeuf, Megan, “The Power of Ridicule: An Analysis of Satire” (2007). Senior Honours Projects. Paper 63.

Satire is a powerful form of communication.

If you incorporate it into your marketing video, you’ll likely get massive attention to your website where new customers will make a purchase!

Cinematic Production Quality

Great production value does play a huge role in the success of your video.

Especially if you combine it with a great concept!

This is what Mission8 has done here to make such a great marketing video.

The concept is great, and the production value is very high.

That’s why this video stands out.

It’s worth mentioning that if you want to attract an audience of higher net worth, you definitely need a video with cinematic quality.

So, what makes great cinematic quality and high production value?

For one, an experienced film team.

Don’t worry.

This doesn’t mean you need a Games of Thrones budget, but you need a team that can come to the table with more than an iPhone!

Spend some time learning how to hire the right video team. OR save the effort and contact us directly!

4 Ingredients Of A Cinematic Look

In this video, the film team used the four main ingredients you need to create a cinematic look.

This includes actors, 4K cameras & lenses, a convincing location, and cinematic lighting.

This does require expertise, which is why you need a strong film team, and it does take a budget upfront.

But look at the result they got!

Is half a million dollars a good return on your investment? You bet!

Now, it’s worth mentioning that there are entrepreneurs out there that make a large income doing videos with low production value.

So, what’s the difference?

Their channels require a massive audience, and up to 5-10 years of ongoing content to get off the ground.

Who has that kind of time?

This company achieved it all in one great video!

If you don’t already have a large audience, then go with high production value. It will help you stand out, and will speed up your success.

Great Storytelling

The final winning component of this great marketing video is its storytelling.

You don’t need tons of people, locations, and special effects to tell a great story.

It can be told with one or two people. As long as the story structure is clear and effective, you’ll have a winner!

Here are the 4 main ingredients of a good story:

The Hero

Marketing video image: A man dressed in a black suite in a dark warehouse

This is the person who faces the most risk, and goes through the most transformation. It’s also the one who gets to live a better life, once the balance is restored.

In a marketing video, the hero is the person who stands to benefit the most from your product or service.

In this video, the Hero is the guy purchasing the shower-head. He’s obviously got some shower problems, and with this new product, he gets the opportunity to live a better life.

And maybe he can finally stop doing deals in a shady warehouse?


The Villain

Marketing video image: Pictures of rusty pipes placed on a wood table

In movies and books, it’s the one who causes the hero the most problems. In a marketing video, it’s the thing that causes pain and suffering for your ideal client.

The villain is the pain point. You MUST have a clear and defined pain point to have good storytelling.

In this video, the rusted pipes are the villain, and they are outlined by the photos.

What pain point can you outline in your marketing video?

How can you clearly and dramatically define it so that it becomes totally original?


The Mentor

Marketing video image: A man age 50 with black suite jacket and white shirt, brown hair and eyes.

Every good story needs a Yoda! The distinguishing trait of a mentor is that they show up in a time of need, with a solution to the problem of the main character.

The cool thing is, when you position your brand as the Yoda, people get very interested in you.

Ask yourself, how can you do that in your video?

In this one, the shower-head dealer is the mentor. He’s showing up to help the Hero.

And thank goodness, because the hero’s pipe problems are pretty filthy!


The Offering

Marketing video image: A metal suite-case with a deluxe shower head inside

What allows the mentor to help the Hero save the day? An offering of some kind.

It can come in the form of wisdom or experience. Or in the case of a marketing video, can come in the form of a product!

The mentor shows up with a product that can revolutionize showering, and turn rusty pipe water into clean purified water!

If you can break down a story into 4 simple elements, you can have a winning story come to life very easily. You may need to spend some time getting creative, or working with a scriptwriter.

But without a good story, your marketing video doesn’t stand a chance of making a ripple effect or going viral.

So definitely spend as much time as needed strengthening your story, and making sure they have the essential story points, and you can shoot toward the kind of success that this video had!


Anthony Madani


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