Now you can be a Daredevil in your business

Now You Can Be A Daredevil in Your Business

Did you see the 2nd episode of Daredevil where he brawls about 20 guys?

Ever feel like that in your business? Wish you had a super power to help?

That fight was so ugly to watch, but he still comes out victorious.

This superhero blog post will help you learn how to do just that, by showing you how to take more risks, and come out on top.

You have to take risks when you are in business.


Here’s why:

1. You don’t have a consistent pay cheque. It’s up to you to earn income and if you don’t, no one is going to save you.

2. You have to rely on others. Either you rely on staff to do your work with the same quality (hopefully) as you do, or you have to rely on your client to pay you on time.

Why is it so often they bail, flake out, or just show up really late?

Beats the heck out of me.

Just being in business is enough to call yourself a Daredevil to some degree. But here is how you can really own it. Time to get on your super suit.


Use video to expose yourself to the whole world.

Yes this is the ultimate risk, because you can’t hide behind a keyboard or a desk. But when you do, there are the 3 super powers you will gain:

1. You stand out from the competition.

By posting your videos online, you open up unlimited doors of opportunity to get noticed.

Good videos can go viral really quickly. If the content is strong, and the SEO is precise, your business can get in front of thousands of eyes quickly.

2. Google will love you.

Google is the Commissioner Gordon of advertising, and video is the Batman. They work well together.

Videos have been known to boost your website ranking by 70%. That literally is a super-move. In 2014, Google noticed how many more people were choosing a video starting with  “How To” over the millions of articles.

Now Google is pushing video like crazy and this is prime time to take advantage.

3. People will choose you over your competitors.

Ask any sales expert, and they will tell you that the main ingredient to boosting profits is having people know, like, and trust you.

And because it’s the future, you can now do that with thousands of people, anywhere in the world, 24-7.


Video is the ultimate sales weapon, if used correctly.

The bottom line is you can be a daredevil and overcome adversity with authenticity.

But there is a huge risk involved, since people may not like you. And that’s scary. However, according to people love video.

It increases sales online by 64%!

So fight on the winning team, and become a daredevil by sharing yourself to the world on camera.

Your business could become famous!

Please do me a favour, leave a comment or share this with a someone you think is a hero.


Anthony Photo portraitAnthony is a growing expert in Business Storytelling and the Creative Director at UpMedia Inc. He has spent 12 years making compelling content in multiple mediums such as 2D and 3D animation, graphic design and video. He has worked on award winning television shows an movies. He is committed to bringing more humanity to the business world with compelling storytelling.

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