The One Thing Netflix Knows About Business Success

What does Netflix know about business success?

For starters, did you know they started out small, delivering dvd rentals by snail-mail for several years before scaling up to a monolithic level, revolutionizing an entire industry.

Their growth has put many people out of business, and put many more in business.

And though that might not be a priority for your business, the one thing they’ve done extraordinarily well is something you could and should model:

They care deeply about what their client’s want.

To such a high degree, that they’ve studied their clients like they were mad scientists trying to find a cure for cancer!

But how?

From 1997-2013 before they created Netflix originals, they conducted massive amounts of analytics on the Netflix movies people were watching.

Things like:

  • What movies were most popular?
  • How long did people watch them?
  • When did viewers drop off?
  • What got more repeat views?

They analyzed the data. Discovered the most popular content, and used it to create their Netflix originals.

You see, their originals have been tailor fit to appeal to their ideal audience in every way possible!

That, is why they are so darn addicting.

Say what you want, but that is a freaking phenomenal marketing strategy.

How does this apply to you?


The Netflix 3 Step Success Strategy

1. Spend more time studying your ideal clients.

For starters, how well do you know your ideal client? Can you know them better? (I’m always striving to know mine better.)

  • What do they like?
  • Dislike?
  • What do they struggle with?
  • What do they crave as a solution?

What is one new thing you can learn about your ideal client, that will help you relate to them better and become their top pick?


2. Implement surveys and feedback forms.

This will greatly improve your deliverable. Google Forms can do this for you for free. All feedback is data. If you?re missing data, you’re missing sales.


3. Recognize trends and patterns in your research.

This will help you simplify your next steps. What is the most common client need you find?

Just like Netflix, if you can streamline your offering to match their needs, you will have an addictive product, that really stands out.


If you want to have explosive Netflix type growth for your business, become a mad scientist for your ideal client’s needs.¬†

Ask questions. Collect data. Implement.

Remember, it all stems from caring – the secret and sacred ingredient to all business success.



Anthony Madani

Anthony is a growing expert in Business Storytelling and Creative Director at UpMedia Inc. He’s spent 12 years making compelling content in mediums such as 2D and 3D animation, graphic design and video, and on award winning television shows and movies. He is committed to building humanity in the business world with storytelling.

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