Online Video Ads | Our 5 Favourite!

Did you know, online video ads have become the most important way to grow your business?

There are many new kinds of online video ads being published recently.

And, they’ve been inspired by great online video ads that have come before them.

So, what about your business? What online video ads are best for you?

What is in alignment with your brand?

As an expert in online video ads, and I pay very close attention to what’s out there.

I’ve even collected a few favourites of my own.

And, guess what?

I’ve rounded up 5 of my absolute favourite to review.

I’ll breakdown what makes each one so good, and discuss the elements you can apply to your own videos.

Hopefully, this gives you some great inspiration to start creating your own online video ads that take your brand to a new level!

Let’s get started.


1. This Gold Digger Got Rich Painting Nude Squirrels 

Already has a great name!

ClickFunnels’ promotional video is well on its way to 1 million views.

That is incredible, and extremely rare for a small business promotional video.

But what makes online video ads like this one so successful?

For starters, it’s absolutely hilarious.

It keeps you laughing pretty much the whole way through.

The jokes are well-timed, and original.

Did you know, the element of surprise is a huge component of humour?

And in this video, you just don’t see the punchlines coming, but they hit pretty hard.

Another aspect that makes this video so great is the acting and the costumes.

They’ve clearly budgeted a good amount for this video, to have a great lead actor (who carries most of the load), while the other characters are really just there to have a reaction, which gives contrast to the main character.

With their use of funny metaphors, and multiple scene setups, this video delivers quite a punch.


Constructive Criticism and Improvements

While this video is awesome in so many ways, there is one main problem with it.

It’s too long.

Clocking in at 4:39 this is WAY too long for a promotional video, especially at the top of the sales funnel.

Being this is a company that sells software to help your sales funnel, they should know better.

After 2 mins, the video really starts to drag on, even though it’s very engaging, to begin with.

Did you find it too long as well?

The truth is, no matter how awesome and action-packed your video is, it needs to be short.

If you have a lot of information to get across, I’d suggest spreading it over multiple videos instead of along.

They could have broken this video up, and had the following videos on their website so that potential clients can watch and learn more at their own leisure.

Instead, they demand you watch a long promotion, which starts to feel like an infomercial towards the end.

If you want to do something that really grabs attention, you can definitely follow this look, feel, and style of this comedy video.

Just get to the point, and make it short!



2. The Giving Keys

Here’s a tip: when your brand has a powerful story, your video pretty much sells itself!

The Giving Keys employs people transitioning out of homelessness and gives them a second chance to earn money and make a difference in life.

Aside from the epic mission of this company, what makes their video so great?

First of all, it’s very Human. It hardly talks about the product at all, and instead focuses on the brand of people behind the product. What this does is attach their people to their product.

You aren’t just buying a key, you’re buying into a person’s journey.

That’s powerful!

Did this online video ad have any success?


So much in fact that this product got picked up by Nordstroms! That’s a huge success for a small startup like this one.

How could you adapt something that like in your online video ads?

One way is to focus your video on the narrative of either your staff, founder, or clients.

People’s journey is far more memorable and impactful than your product.

Also, they did a great job of keeping this video SHORT! You never get a chance to get bored. There is so much to cover in its 1:30 length with multiple interviews and lots of fun shots!



3. Forbes: Relentless

Forbes does a lot of great online video ads showcasing entrepreneurs, and as a result, they have catalogued some great stories.

One of my favourite series is their Relentless series, where they showcase business owners in NYC.

This was my favourite one from this series.

What makes it so great?


The fast-paced approach to the video is consistent with his narrative.

You see, the whole video he talks about his fast-paced lifestyle, and the video editing matches it completely. This creates intensity, and accurately sells the emotion he’s trying to convey.

When you have this kind of pacing in your online video ads, they work out great.

This fast-paced editing approach wouldn’t have worked as well with the Giving Keys video, because the theme of that video was care. Fast-paced cutting and intensity, just doesn’t evoke that emotion. You need something slow, steady, and warm.

What can you take from this video to apply to your own online video ads?

What is the pace and theme of your narrative? Make sure that the tempo of music, and the intensity of cuts in your video matches the theme of your story.



4. “So Yeah, We Tried Slack “

When your online video ads look like this, you will guarantee more sales success!

The video company Slack hired, did an amazing job with this one.

It’s funny, engaging, informative, and the length works perfectly for their message.

One thing that works really well with this one, is their use of visual effects. Having the messages move around in real-time, really shows how confusing, or unproductive your work environment can be.

Another thing that makes this video so awesome is the script.

While they aren’t using paid actors, and literally using their own employees as actors, it still works because the script is so well written and genuine.

It’s quite a different feel from the Gold Diggers video from Sales funnel, which relies on at least one really good actor to carry the scene.

In this one, they’ve fit humour and pain points into very genuine interviews with staff.

If you were hoping to do something corporate or talking head, but you still want to be engaging and innovative, reference this kind of video.

All you need is a great script, some simple humour, and the willingness of your staff to have a little fun, and you can make an impressive video.

This video already has over 1 million hits! That’s good for business!

Click here to learn how this online video ad became so successful.



5. Creative Real Estate Home Tour

Because of sheer innovation, this is definitely a favourite online video ad of mine.

To date, there is not another real estate video that I’ve seen like this!

So what can you take from this to apply to your own video ad?

Once again, going with humour is always a good idea, and makes your online video ads far more memorable to your audience.

The main thing is the script.

They really thought through all of the pain points and selling points of their ideal client, and turned each one into a great opportunity to make you laugh.

A script of this high quality requires planning, time, and research. It can’t be rushed out in a week.

Another thing they did well in this video is cast the right actor. You need someone who can pull off distinguished, as well as humorous, and I believe they chose the perfect woman for this role.



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