How To Create The Perfect Marketing Video For Your Audience

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Is there such thing as a perfect marketing video, and if so how you do you produce one? 

What to say in your marketing video can feel challenging. 

In fact, it can be paralyzing. 

If you’re struggling with what kind of marketing video to make, you’re not alone. 

What if there was a simple strategy that helped you make your video? 

But not just any video; the perfect video for your audience!

Before you even think about where to post your video, you need to have effective messaging. 

By our standards, the “perfect video” means the video your audience needs to see the most. 

It’s the video that makes the most impact, and increases sales from ideal clients.

In this blog, we’ll be using the POP Method to create the right video for your business, and your audience.


The POP Method for Marketing Videos

Good marketing speaks the language of your ideal client, and doesn’t confuse them. 

What you say in your video needs to be very specific, but still easy to understand. 

(A tall order isn’t it?)

The POP Method is a strategy that helps ensure your message is the right one.

It also streamlines it. 

Without this strategy, you run the risk of having too generic a message, and that won’t stand out or make any impact in today’s marketing place. 

Alternatively, you run the risk of saying too many things at once, and that can be confusing. 

Using the POP Method, you’ll get clear on three things: Your audience, their problem, and your solution. 

Addressing these three points (and these points only) creates your perfect marketing video, because it’s designed completely for your target audience. 

Let’s look at each section in more detail, so you can make your video really POP!

Pick One Person

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By speaking to one person, you dramatically increase the precision of your message.

Most businesses have one ideal client. Think of it like a golden client. You love working with them.

They also love working with you! Mainly because they experience huge value from your product or service. It goes both ways. 

Make your messaging speak directly to this one person. 

Literally, think of one of your clients (in real life) and pretend to speak to them when you create your marketing message. 

This will fill your messaging with truth and relevancy. 

People’s biggest fear with speaking to one person?

Turning people off by being too specific. 

The truth is, this won’t happen. 

(You may exclude demographics who aren’t your right for you, and that’s a good thing). 

Yes personalities are different, but your ideal client demographic all struggles with the same problem.

The way you identify with many personalities and still speak to one person, is to address the problem they all face. 

We’ll get into that in a moment. 

But you need to first ensure that your ideal client is the centre of the story you’re telling in your marketing video. 

This sets up the perfect foundation for emotionally rich storytelling.

Pick One Problem 

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In the theme of keeping things simple, pick only one problem your marketing video will provide a solution for. 

It’s fine to address different ways in which that problem manifests, but at the root of it is one overarching problem. 

In storytelling theory, we call this the “villain”. It’s the bad guy in your marketing movie.

The good thing is, here is where you can be a bit more general. 

It’s incredibly important at this stage to do your research, and get a super clear understanding of what that problem is to your ideal client.

By making sure you pick one problem and address it, you create a sharp message, and it will increase the impact of your marketing video.

Pick One Product

Essentially this means picking one solution to the problem. 

This is the fun part of the marketing video, because this is where you get to offer up your brand!

Whether your brand offers products or services, this stage is about offering one option for the client in which to solve their problem. 

Again, simplicity is the key here.

People don’t like too many choices (which you’ve experienced the last time you scrolled Netflix for like 20 minutes and still couldn’t decide what to watch).

By the time your marketing video has captured their attention (by identifying their demographic and identifying their problem), they will be ready and willing for you to offer them a solution.

Apply POP To Your Video

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At the heart of the POP method is a great story that has simple ingredients. 

Your client, their problem, and your solution. 

Getting clear on these elements is all you ever need to create a the perfect marketing video.

If you want more help in creating the perfect script, it’s best to work an agency like ours that has over a decade of experience withs scriptwriting for video.

Wishing you good luck, and keep storytelling!

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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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