A woman seated for a video interview. Camera lights and microphone nearby.


Testimonial & Case Study Videos

A Testimonial video is a story told from the perspective of your happy client; used to get more clients.

Here is an example of a Testimonial video we made for Widerfunnel:

There are three main reasons you need a testimonial video:

  • Creates social proof for your brand
  • Client stories are more relatable to prospects
  • Improves close rate by overcoming client objections

To learn more about how Testimonial (or Case Study) videos can transform your sales, check out our in-depth blog.

A woman seated for a video interview. Camera lights and microphone nearby.

We start with the fundamentals.

The first question we ask is what does your Testimonial video need to accomplish? Once we know your marketing goals and challenges, we can start planning your Testimonial video.

We use our StoryWorxⓇ process to get crystal clear on what main story your Testimonial video needs to tell, to inspire real engagement.

Finally, we bring it to life with filming and editing to fit the story concept.
Based on our years of experience, we’ll create the most appealing video for your marketing goals, and give you opportunities for input along the way.

Learn about our Production Process.

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The Testimonial video length and style you’d like are the biggest factors in our quote.

Let’s get a bit more clarity on what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you an honest quote.