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Meet the award winning studio behind some of Vancouver’s best animation projects for small businesses. 

Vancouver is home to a thriving animation industry, with numerous studios producing high-quality content for audiences around the world. One standout among them is the Vancouver animation studio UpMedia, a dynamic company known for its innovative approach to animation.

Founded by an award winning Animator, our studio has a decade of experience, and a reputation for producing some of the most visually stunning and engaging animated content in the industry.

Vancouver Animation Studio

2D & 3D Animation Experts

2D Animation

Through the use of cartoon characters or motion designs, we’ll make your vision come to life. 

3D Animation

You get visually stunning 3D modelling and animation.

Our team can make literally anything with 3D.

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Latest 3D Animation Videos

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Our Success Strategy

First, we start planning your video to match your marketing goals.


Next, we start designing through 2D illustration or 3D modelling.


Finally, we make it all come to life with motion, light and color. 

An award-winning video & animation studio

If your business is looking for an animation studio in the Vancouver area, we are the perfect team for you!

Our Purpose

We exist to empower positive impact brands with uplifting video and animation.

Our Experience

We have award winning productions under our belt.

Our Approach

We know what looks good, and what will attract your most ideal client.

What Makes A Great Animation Studio?

Vancouver Animation has become some of the most prominent in the industry, attracting top talent from around the world. But what are the three keys that make up a successful Vancouver animation studio?

Firstly, a successful studio in Vancouver requires a talented and diverse team of animators, artists, and technicians. Vancouver is home to a thriving creative community, and a successful animation studio must tap into this pool of talent to find the right people to bring their ideas to life.

Second, technology is critical to the success of an animation studio. The latest hardware and software must be available to artists and animators to allow them to create high-quality content. Investing in technology and infrastructure is crucial to ensure that the studio remains competitive.

Finally, a successful studio in Vancouver must have a strong and diverse portfolio of work. Creating original content that stands out from the crowd is crucial to establishing a reputation and attracting new clients.


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