We’re Experts At Vancouver Animation Video Production

At UpMedia Video, we’ve created custom animated videos for businesses and nonprofits since 2014. 

Our clients trust us to deliver fully custom animated videos that promote their brand and explain concepts in an accessible way, all while engaging and delighting their target audiences.

A cartoon example of Vancouver Animation Video Production. A farmer standing in a field holding apples, and smiling.


Why Are Animated Videos The Most Effective medium?

Here’s why our clients love using animated videos: 

Animated Videos Are Engaging

Animated videos are limited only by your imagination. Create your video with any colour, theme, character, or concept. Capture your audiences by telling your story, your way. 

Animation Video Helps Tell Your Story Effectively

Animated videos offer maximum versatility. You can go from storytelling to a complicated tutorial, all within the same video. 

Whatever story you want to tell, UpMedia has the flexibility to convey it exactly the way you want.

Streamlined Production Process

Live action videos require location scouting, casting calls, and transporting talent and crew members to a centralized location. 

Animated videos are made entirely by our team working remotely, and require much less production, logistics, and overhead – not to mention they’re completely Covid safe!

Animated Videos are Economical

Animated videos cost less to make than live action videos. When making your animated video, there is no need to hire filming crews, purchase videography equipment, pay for and travel to shooting locations, or hire expensive actors.

Since we do everything in one place with the latest computer-based equipment, the cost of producing an animated video is affordable.


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What Are The Best Animated Video Types?

A cartoon example of Vancouver Animation Video Production. A woman at her desk at home using a computer.

2D Animated Videos

2D animated videos are considered the original type of animation. Most basic character animation and animated videos fall under this category and are made using digital 

(but still hand-drawn) illustration, kinetic text animation, and image compositing.

3D Animated Videos

This animation style is widely used in entertainment videos, such as those from Disney Pixar. 3D animation videos can also include complex 3D diagramming like demonstrating the inner workings of a car engine. The 3D animated videos we can make range from simple object motion videos to life-like animations.

2D in 3D Blended Animated Video

In this type of video, 2D characters exist in a 3D space. For instance, the character can walk towards you or into the screen, or they can turn around 360 degrees within the 3D space. This type of video is useful when a sense of depth is needed in a video but while retaining simple 2D characters.

Character Animation Videos

Create original characters and watch us bring them to life. During character animation, we will create custom animated characters that can do anything you require – including complex postures like Yoga!

Live Action Compositing

Live action compositing is a type of animated video that adds animated characters and objects into live-action footage. For example, we can film a person speaking, then insert facts and figures next to them on the screen. Similarly, we can animate characters that interact  with live actors, objects, or environments. 

Photo Animation

Photo animation uses animation techniques to add motion to still pictures. For example, we can take an image of a logo and animate it so that the logo appears to move. This type of animation is used when you want to add a sense of motion and depth to still photos.

Motion Graphics Animated Videos

An example of motion graphics is the opening and closing credits that most videos have. The idea is to add motion to otherwise static graphics and text. Simple graphics like words and shapes can be brought to life to add more engagement to your content. 

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Which Businesses Benefit From Vancouver Animation Video?

There is great potential for video animation in technology, healthcare, nonprofit and other industries. The flexibility that animation offers  means almost anyone can use this video medium to share their message. From enterprise businesses to small startups, animation videos can be a powerful tool for meeting your messaging goals.

A cartoon example of Vancouver Animation Video Production. A commercial building, with just the wireframe structure visible. Made with 3D animation.


Entrepreneurs, and especially startups, often need versatile and affordable marketing to communicate their messages. Animated videos fit these criteria very well. We can use animated video to affordably create explainer videos, product walkthroughs, tutorials, or specification diagrams. 

We can also recycle some animated video elements to cut down the cost of future video production!

Large Corporations

Larger companies can also benefit from our animated videos. With the right resources, we can create more sophisticated animation tools like CGI 3D animation as standalone videos, or else blend them into live action video production. 

Or we can also use simpler animation styles, but spend more of your budget on finer artwork and more sophisticated storyboards, which can give you a higher production quality for your brand.

Educational Institutions

Schools and other learning institutions can benefit from education and training videos that can make learning more fun. This includes animated presentations, lectures, and awareness videos. Since many learning institutions have limited budgets, animated videos are perfect since they are relatively affordable and can be repurposed within the school.


Government entities can deliver crucial information using animation videos. In cases where complex requirements and policies must be met before publishing information, we can create an animated video that can be customized to meet all approvals. If anything requires changing, we can modify the video quickly, helping ensure timely and accurate information delivery.


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