How Production Companies Make You More Trustworthy

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What can a video production company do to build trust in your brand?

If you operate out of Greater Vancouver or close by, Vancouver production companies can help you grow now more than ever. 

Video is being used effectively to keep clients connected to your brand, amidst all of the distracting news headlines we’re seeing lately. 

If you’re willing to use video for your marketing, you will see more success. 

One of the greatest things Vancouver video production companies can help you achieve more of is trust. 

Trust is critical right now because we are all living in a time of great uncertainty.

Our economy is definitely looking uncertain, and if someone is going to invest money in your brand, they want to know they can trust you!

Enter the Pratfall Effect.


The Pratfall Effect

The Pratfall Effect is a psychological phenomenon.

When someone considered “superior” in one way or another commits an imperfection or mistake, they appear more trustworthy to their audience.

Simply put, if someone of authority makes a blunder, they become more likable. 

For the last decade, most marketing has been obsessed with making brands look flawless. 

However, too many brands have botched your trust, and now we’re at a stage where trust is very hard to come by. 

The Pratfall Effect suggests you should go in the opposite direction of the pack and admit that you aren’t perfect in one area or another. 

Basically, be more human!

This isn’t about self-depreciation, or about having lackluster deliverables. 

It’s about being honest to your audience that you aren’t perfect, just like everyone else.


How Avis Used Pratfall

A very simple but powerful approach to using the Pratfall Effect in marketing was used by Avis car rental.

Avis was falling behind Hertz in the car rental industry and was becoming known industry-wide as second best.

Instead of hiding that, they owned it publicly. 

They came up with the tagline “We try harder”. 

Their whole premise was based around the fact that because they were second, they had the incentive to try harder to please their customers.

Nothing humiliating there. 

However, this campaign did incredibly well for Avis and has become a milestone in advertising for decades. 

How can you best apply this to your marketing?

One surefire way is to hire Vancouver production companies that leverage the Pratfall Effect in your video marketing and advertising. 

Video is being leveraged at an all-time high, but honesty and is not.

Again, the intention is about presenting more human, and not positioning yourself as flawless and perfect.

Videos are excellent vehicles to build trust.

People can observe you in your true colours.

But your content has to be willing to go there, otherwise, your video can come off shallow, and typical.

And again, building trust is critical in this new era. 

A Vancouver production company that offers scriptwriting, will be your best bet for creating a video that focuses on building trust. 

They can work the Pratfall Effect into your scripted content.

Uncommon Service


A book titles Uncommon Serivce


The authors of the bestselling book “Uncommon Service” approach customer service from a similar angle. 

The book teaches that to have outstanding service you need to double down on your strengths, which means coming up shorter in other areas, and to be accepting of that. 

They say that trying to be perfect at everything in your customer service is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re trying to excel at too many areas at once, sooner or later, something will come crashing down.

He gives countless examples of businesses that are public about where they cut corners so that they can allocate assets to more specific value ads. 

One example is Walmart.

They can beat anyone on price, but their stores lack aesthetics. Their branding and marketing don’t claim it or even hide it. 

Delving into being more honest is going to set you apart from your competition. 

Adding more personality to your brand should ideally turn away your non-ideal clients, and attract more of your dream clients, who share your values!

But they need to see you communicate that in your marketing.

Vancouver production companies that focus on scripted content and copywriting, can help you use the Pratfall Effect very effectively.

Trust and honesty is the key to success in marketing right now!  

Comedy Is Honesty

Vancouver production companies who create humorous videos definitely understand the Pratfall Effect.

Comedy videos do extremely well in advertising because they often make fun of themselves or a situation related to their brand.

In many ways, pointing a bit of fun at yourself is a pratfall. After all, it requires the willingness to look imperfect. 

Being willing to laugh at yourself a little bit, is brave.

And bravery is attractive!

Show the customer that you have a sense of humor, and you are far more likely to build attraction with your audience. 

If you can make someone laugh, they will never forget you.


The Pratfall On Steroids

Do people ever get excited about watching advertising?


Except for one day of the year. 

The Super bowl. 


Because they know damn well they are going to be very entertained. 

Large brands sink millions of dollars into clever ad creation during the Superbowl.

And many of the ads are using some variation of Pratfall. 

In many ways, this is the Prattfall on steroids, because of the exposure and audience they receive during the Superbowl.

So if mega brands use Pratfall comedy during the most-watched event of the year, it might be time for you to consider it as well!

I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg on this, so I recommend looking deeper into this.

This is where cutting edge marketers are heading, and you may come up with a brilliant idea that aligns with your brand.

When you’re ready to execute, start looking into which Vancouver production companies can bring your vision to life.

That way,  you can start a fast-growing relationship with your most ideal clients. 

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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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