Video In 2018

You are either paying attention, or paying for it.

As new waves of technology flood the market, video will be CRITICAL in keeping attention on your brand.

Competition for people’s attention has never been fiercer.

New trends are moving fast, and if you aren’t up to date you will drown in a sea of noise.

At UpMedia, we’ve been paying attention to the latest and greatest, and have compiled a nice little list for you to ride the wave.

Enjoy, and welcome to the 2018, the year of attention.


2018 Video is all about “attention” and nothing holds people’s attention better than a great story.

For marketers like you, sticking your brand into the mix of a good story is the most powerful video strategy around.

Look for ways that you can incorporate more storytelling into your video, or consult an expert.

How to avoid bragging is always the challenge people have.

Lucky for you we are experts on the subject of story, and can help you craft a great something amazing!

Video Testimonials

Let them sing your praises!

People saying great things about you has always been popular, but only recently have video testimonials become popular. You will see a lot more of this to come.

Several of our own clients have been asking for this, so we know it’s a good sign.

They are most valuable in a later stage of the buyer’s journey and will prove very profitable for you in your video strategy.

Do you have customer evangelists going on record about your greatness? If not, 2018 is the year to do it!

Bite-size Content

Size Matters.

Short and sweet content has proven to be the most popular in our current market.

Mostly, this is because there is so much content out there competing for your time.

Thinkwithgoogle’s studies have discovered that huge brands such as Duracell, Xbox, Campbell’s Soup Company are all using bite-size video ads effectively.

The key to success here is think of short videos as a blank canvas, instead of chopped down material.

Video Sales Funnel

More Video can replace an entire sales team!

Studies have shown that the average buyer requires 4-7 good interactions before they make a purchase. What if you could use video for each step? How much more impact could you make long term?

Some of the top marketers have discovered that by using different types of video at certain stages, sales will increase.

What stage could you add one or two more videos to strengthen your arsenal, and boost your business?

At UpMedia, we are committed to owning this area of video, so feel free to ask us what’s best for you.

Live Video

Go Live, or go home.

We have seen live videos trend in 2017, and it’s STILL under-utilized.

People love this because it’s so authentic. You can’t get more authentic than LIVE.

Facebook Live & Instagram Live are amazing free platforms to magnetize viewers to your brand.

The amount of engagement we received from doing FB live this year has been astounding.

Try it, it’s actually really fun!


LinkedIn Video

About time LinkedIn!

Quite recently they have started pushing video on their platform (they were a little behind Facebook and Instagram).?Since then we have seen a huge rush of video use, and it is blowing text back to the prehistoric period.

If you work in the corporate world, using video on Linkedin in 2018 is going to be SO GOOD for you.

So don’t miss out.

Quick tip: Use video to talk about your client and how you help.


Video Emails

Text emails are dying a slow painful death, and reincarnating as video email!

Many people have seen the use of video in their newsletter and nurture campaign perform very well.

Email managers like Mailchimp integrate videos within their platform super well, but even if you post a youtube video in your email you can really stand out.

Also, the word “Video” in subject line of emails increases open rates!

Video newsletters are highly recommended for your email campaigns in 2018, and will make a larger difference in your sales.


360 Video

This is by far the biggest “attention grabber” in video marketing for 2018.

What makes this so unique in the field of business advertising, is it allows the viewer to control their perspective, which keeps attention.

We have seen it get more likes and engagement then regular video.

Big brands like professional hockey and football teams are jumping all over this, since it compels younger generations, and it’s working it’s way down the line to medium and small brands.

I know what most of you are thinking. “This sounds out of my league”.

It may seem that way, but trust me, it’s about to get a whole lot easier as popularity increases. So don’t worry, just stay in touch with your local video team, and they will do all the heavy lifting.

Just focus on the fact that by hiring an expert to take care of the tricky stuff, you can magnetize attention to your brand and literally dominate your industry with video.


Square Videos

Are you fit to be square?

Since most video is consumed on mobile, square videos have become mainstream, surpassing regular horizontal and widescreen on most social media platforms.

Square videos occupy 78% more space on Facebook, and garner more attention than most.

The main reason is, they just work faster!


You can’t beat the best.

Youtube is still an amazing way to boost your brand online.

Hours consumed by people on Youtube has only increased, and will continue to skyrocket.

Recently Groupon (who mostly advertised through emails) have moved their advertising to video, specifically Youtube, and has seen a 20% increase.

Hey, if Groupon is doing it…

Seriously though, Youtube will help you grow your business in 2018. No question.

Other Awesome Statistics

Almost 50% of Internet users are looking for videos related to a product or service before going to the store. –

81% of videos online get all or most of viewer’s attention. – Thinkwithgoogle

59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video (MWP).

Google research shows that 360 Video contributes to a 5X higher click-through rate.


Just getting started with video? Check out the S.A.V.E.

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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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