Supercharge Your Video Content Marketing Strategy

Your video content strategy is critical to your video production. Let's supercharge it.

More and more people are (finally) diving into the beautiful world of video, and devising a video content marketing strategy to help promote their brand. Some people are getting on camera, cranking out the videos, and sharing them all over the place.

I call that diving into the deep end. (Actually, that’s more like cliff jumping.)

However, many of you don’t know where to start, hate being on camera, and have no idea what a great video content marketing strategy even looks like.

Fortunately – this blog has you covered. I’m going to address all of that and more, and show you how to easily supercharge your video content marketing strategy!


Keyword Research

First things First – never start your strategy without some high-quality keyword research.

The most important thing in your video content marketing strategy is to sculpt your content around your keywords. As a result, your content will be relevant, relatable, and rich!

So, where do you start?

The most ideal way is to hire an expert.

But if you’re the type that wants to learn a bit on your own, here are a couple of good ways to hack the system.

Check out what your competitors are doing. Look at their blog topics and see if you can expand upon them, or slightly tweak them toward your own niche.

Don’t be a copycat!

Plagiarizing content won’t improve your SEO anyways, you’ll need to be original.

Another option is to type some of your industry related terms into a google search and see what auto-suggestions is made. You can also scroll to the bottom of the search and presto! – You will see a list of Google’s very own keyword suggestions.


Here’s an example:



This will give me a list of keyword ideas that are already ranking well.

So that’s keyword research 101 for you.

Again, I’d always recommend you go with a professional for a long term video content marketing strategy.

Once you have your list of keywords, start to build your videos around them.

Each keyword becomes a video topic – which becomes a kick-ass video!


Bake A Batch!

If your cookie baking grandma decided to start her own video content marketing strategy, you’d best believe she would bake a batch!

Let’s learn from Nanna.

Content creation is SO much easier when you do it all at once.

First of all, you’re already in the right mindset, so it’s easier to start on the second one after you’ve completed the first.

Most productivity hacks these days talk about grouping things together that require the same amount of focus.

Batch creation is simply more productive.

Also, it’s a lot more cost-effective.

It takes time to set up your video equipment and lighting etc. and get into the flow of recording.

One of the main keys in Camera Confidence is the warm-up. People often ignore the fact that being on camera is a performance, and like any dancer or singer, you need to warm up.

Once you’re warmed up, your video content will look SO MUCH BETTER!

So, why not crank out several videos, instead of just one?


Focus On The Pain Point

Still, find a video content marketing strategy hard to wrap your mind around?

No problem. This tip will help a TON.

One of the most challenging things about content creation and scripting is knowing what the heck to actually talk about. 

Why not take some quality time to really evaluate what your client struggles with? Including these points will take your content from good to GREAT!

Your ideal clients will love your video content if it feels relevant to what they’re struggling with. They will spend more time on topics like that, than boring-ass education videos that ramble on and on.

Make it interesting by making it relevant.

Oh, and another thing.

Keep it simple. One major pain point per video is enough.

In fact, one pain point can even be addressed over multiple videos.


Strong Visuals

Want to really supercharge your video content marketing strategy?

Don’t just be another talking head video, because you will quickly lose your audience.

You can really make your videos stand out by adding simple visuals.

Text slides and cutaways keep attention over the span of longer videos.

Here’s a great example:



Ask them to use simple slide transitions and text cutaways using Adobe After Effects.

A quick google search will produce some slick and sexy visuals, that can really increase the production value of your videos.

Doing it yourself?

You can even just cut away to stock photos to help tell your story. Regardless, you need to include strong visuals.

Try Unsplash for free beautiful stock photos. Just don’t take all the ones I’m using!


Strong C.T.A.’s

Want to get the most ROI out of your video content marketing strategy? I know you do.

Therefore, make absolutely sure that you include multiple calls to action – or as I like to call them – Calls To Adventure!

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating your video, you want it to yield a return.

The best way to do this is to ask something simple from them.

Ask them to buy your product, or check out your website, or download a free product.

I’ve gone as far as including multiple CTA’s in one video. Not everyone is going to watch your video until the end.

Regardless, you need to include a strong CTA.

A simple CTA at the beginning of a video could be to include one of your products or services in your name title (traditionally called Lower Third).

In this example, the author has his book in his Lower Third title. That’s a great and simple CTA!



Above all, the key supercharging your video content marketing strategy is CONSISTENCY.

Set time in your schedule to research all your topics. Then set time in your schedule to batch-film.

At this point, you will have a pre-existing library to pull from, and distributing your content will be MUCH easier.

This is what all the pro’s do. And now that you are about to become a pro, it’s time to start thinking like one.

Good luck, and happy video production!


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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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