Video Content Strategy: Remain Relevant In The Pandemic Economy

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Want a relevant video content strategy to help you build relevance?

To protect the brand from the economic challenges caused by the Pandemic, you will need to keep your content focused on what the world needs.

Some companies are changing their products over completely. Some are simply changing their brand messaging.

Regardless of what you decide to sell going forward, your video content strategy is going to make or break the success of your next steps.

Let’s look at the best video content strategies you can easily adapt so that you can remain relevant, and succeed through these hard times.


Safety Concerns

One video content strategy to help you maintain relevance is to cut a video that talks about how you’re addressing safety concerns.

This immediately positions you as a leader. Here’s why.

Many if not most businesses are taking safety very seriously. However, not everyone is talking about it.

Those that choose to speak up about safety in their brand will stand out.

The CEO of McDonald’s in the Philippines went on camera to make sure it was clear for their brand.

This kind of video will work wonders for restaurants and product businesses that are at greater risk of contamination.

So if you’re taking safety seriously, then you can inspire others by including it in your video content strategy.


Support The Solutions

Some brands can pivot to a new product. Louis Vuitton is making masks instead of handbags for instance.

But some brands can’t simply pivot to a new product, such as travel or insurance companies.

For these kinds of businesses, your video content strategy should focus more on rallying behind the solutions in place to help end the pandemic.

Here is a great example from #exploreBC, who is supporting quarantine with their new video.

The title image of their Youtube channel also stays on-brand with their messaging:

How can your video content strategy become a unique call to action?

This will create content that is relevant to your audience.

This will also keep you top of mind, which will pay off much later once things open back up again.

Eliminate Contradictions

Another important point to consider is what to eliminate from your video content strategy.

Certain aspects of a video may be irrelevant, or even inconsiderate if not taken into consideration of the times we’re dealing with.

At Google, for example, their media team is very diligent at reviewing upcoming content to make sure they’re sending the right message that supports flattening the curve.

“We’re reevaluating creativity that shows interactions like handshakes, hugs, and high-fives since social distancing is an important tactic for slowing the spread of illness.”

– Joshua Spanier, VP of Global Media at Google

If you feel like something in your messaging might actually oppose social distancing and quarantine, consider removing it.


Newsworthy Content

With due cause, there has been a surge in news interest.

While techniques like ‘News-jacking’ have been around for some time, you may want to consider what news aligns best with your brand, and offer it to your audience to add value.

In what ways would you be comfortable using your brand to represent news?

What’s going on locally that has aligned values?

Spending some time adding relevant news to your video content strategy will do you some major good.


Get Specific

We’re all dealing with the same overarching challenges, yet everyone’s individual challenges are still unique because everyone’s lifestyle is still unique.

Keeping the focus on how you can help your own ideal clients during this time, will create relevant content.

There is a vastly increasing desire for Youtube content at the moment, and Youtube thrives on keyword specific searches.

Here are just a few of the major areas that have seen an increase in search volume recently:

  • Essentials for working from home
  • Studying from home
  • Meal Preparation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Gardening

Regardless of your industry, it’s time to drill down and figure out what specific information or story you can tell your audience so that they keep you in mind as they move forward.

Then, leveraging the platforms that most people are viewing video is going to be a great way to get new eyeballs to your website.


Be Helpful

Being supportive, kind, and friendly is massively trending.

Many products are changing, but the brands behind them are not. If your intent as a brand from the beginning was to help your clients, then including ways to help, should be a critical part of your video content strategy.

Need some ideas?

Consider that people are looking for ways to create structure in their days so that they can feel normal.

This is a great time to offer solutions in areas you have expertise.

Ikea for example saw a global rise in “at home cooking”, so they decided to create a Twitter post that teaches how to make their famous Swedish meatballs.

That’s being creative!

Even if it has nothing to do with your specific product or service, make a video that supports the trend of helping others and you’ll stay relevant.

Simply put, just be human.


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