Video From Home: Recession-Proof Your Business

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Want to use video from home to recession proof your business?

Using video from home can be a great supplement for you and your staff during quarantine.

It’s definitely a challenging time, and you may feel like your business has being threatened by COVID 19.

But we are all going to find a way to move forward, and consumers are still going to spend money.

You can definitely position your businesses to grow, but you may need to pivot a bit and become more agile to generate new sales.

If you’re willing to do that, you have a great opportunity here to keep your business healthy.

The question is how?

I’m a firm believer that adding value equals business success – no matter the situation.

Continue to find ways to add value to your audience, and you will find new customers.

In order to do that, you will need to communicate more often with videos from home.

Video from home is one of your most powerful tools right now, because it’s a strong communication medium, and you can support Social Distancing.

So, let’s look at how you can use video from home to increase value, improve communication, and position yourself to stay economically healthy during this time.


How To Harness Video From Home

There several great ways you can harness video from home.

You can use videos from home to conduct conferences or presentations.

For larger companies, you can run AGMs with live streaming.

Most importantly, you can educate and influence your audience and build brand awareness.

In fact, if you haven’t been using much video in your marketing mix, this may even be a marketing breakthrough for you.

Remember that before this pandemic, a video was still the most powerful form of communication online. Now it’s even more common and more acceptable.

How you can start supplementing your marketing processes with the video? You may find some great results.


Video Consultations

If you offer consulting during any stage of your business, you can consider offering your consults through video from home.

Some businesses need to have a kickoff meeting, an onboarding meeting, or something similar.

Using a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Go To Webinar can help you keep adding value to your clients.

Webinars that offer value are super common with live video, and that is one great way you can continue to stay connected to people and add to your sales funnel.


Revisit Video In Your Sales Funnel

Now, is a better time than ever to reassess videos in your sales funnel.

Where can you improve it? Where is it lacking a video that would make the extra impact?

Video has always been a necessary part of your sales funnel. Videos build trusting relationships, regardless of whether they are cold, warm, or hot leads.

If you can insert a few videos into your sales funnel, you will increase your likelihood to win new leads.

Remember these golden rules.

If you’re making a video at the top of your funnel, keep them short and to the point. Top of the funnel audience doesn’t know you that well, and won’t give you a lot of time. Get the best results by keeping your videos short.

For the Middle of funnel audience (warm leads), you can spend more time, and go more in-depth.

Educational videos, product, or service demos are great examples. Focus on your differentiators.

Focus on adding massive value.

For the Bottom of the funnel audience (hot Leads), go back to short videos again. Thank you videos or testimonial videos work great at this stage.

The reason testimonial videos are so effective here is because if clients aren’t purchasing at this stage, they are usually on the fence.

They may need to see a little more social proof for them to commit.

A testimonial video done well showcases someone they can relate to more (someone who was in their position), endorsing you to the client. This process works!

Start adding more videos to your sales funnel, and you will start recession-proofing your business!


Animation Can Replace Live Film

Many businesses had plans to shoot live video this year. Whether it’s to explain their new product, service, or brand with a video ad, or even convert leads to their website with product demos.

Since filming live in person is considered high risk for you and your team, you can consider using animation instead.

Animation is a powerful medium to convert new clients. It’s designed to keep the attention and is chalked full of great visuals.

Animation explainer videos have been known to convert leads online by 64%.

So, don’t hold back on creating a great introductory video. Just consider animation as an option.


It’s Time For A Little Optimism!

As far back as humans go, we’ve always had big challenges, and we’ve always overcome them.

We will overcome this as well. And we need to start by believing that.

The success principle here is you will need to look beyond what’s worked in the past, and be willing to take on a new frontier of marketing communication.

Using video from home is going to work for you if you work with it.


Just getting started with video? Check out the S.A.V.E.

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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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