• July 9, 2019

An Easy Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

An Easy Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Want an easy video marketing strategy that will help boost your business?

There are a lot of technical video marketing strategies out there to get you more clients, but they aren’t always EASY. 

Often times, they require a lot of time, in-depth number crunching data, or big money for ad spend. 

Meh, probably not your cup of tea.

The Youtube Vlog approach is among the most popular video marketing strategies out there.

The challenge with vlogging, is that it requires lots of time devoted to cranking out seamless topics, with lots of filming and editing, week after week. 

If you’re a marketing manager, or work in B2B – you don’t have time for that!

Do you?

It’s hard to sustain a consistent youtube channel, and it’s just not an easy goal to accomplish. 

What if there was an easier video marketing strategy, that got you similar results?

You’d like that!

In this blog I’m going to present an easy video marketing strategy that will grow your audience online, and close more sales!


The Video Course Lead Magnet!

Let’s talk about lead magnets in your video marketing strategy.

Lead magnets in general are failing miserably in today’s online marketplace.

People just aren’t signing up for your free E-book, white-paper, or checklist at the rate they used to. 

Email open rates are also down a lot, which means that even if they do finally download it, they often don’t even read it! 

How rude.

Want to know why this is happening?

Because you’re giving them too much to read. 

Nobody wants to read a ton from your Ebook, when they don’t know, like, or trust you. 

What is working splendidly instead of Ebooks?

Video trainings! 

Free video trainings are the shit!

And people crave them.


Because up until recently, video trainings have only been available for paying clients.

Video training platforms such as Lynda or Udemy for example, have offered exclusive paid content, and made millions in revenue.

Video trainings still have a highly perceived value out there in the market.

So if you can come to the table with a FREE video training, your offering is considerably more valuable than a silly pdf!

Want to know what sound a pdf makes? 



Your Video Training Can Be Simple

3 or 4 short videos will do just fine. 

Consider having a free 3-4 video training course as a lead magnet, and you will ad much more people to your mailing list.

Want to really boost the success of this strategy??

Create a short and simple 30 second promo video for the course, talking about what you will cover, and why it’s SO awesome. 

Use this promo video as a paid ad on youtube, facebook, or instagram and you will boost your mailing list.

Want to see a really great example of this video marketing strategy?

Here’s one I signed up for myself recently, and it was very simple and effective:



A Major Benefit Of This Video Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest benefits of this type of video marketing strategy is that it gives you really high quality analytics. 

Analytics are incredibly useful feedback to your marketing campaign because they allow you to more accurately profile a prospect’s interest in your company. 

If you use a platform like Mailchimp, or Wistia, you can see how many of your videos each person is making it through. 

Why is that so important to you?

If you have prospects that watch all 4 videos in your course for example, they are now considered warm leads!  

High 5!


Lead Scoring With Your Video Training

Consider this.

Your sales success increases the more touch-points (points of contact) each prospect has with your brand. They say it takes 5-7 touch points on average, before someone will buy from you. 

Every video in your course, starts to build a case for your product/service!

If they see your promo ad video, that’s your point 1. 

They watch your first video, that’s your point 2.

Second video point 3

Third video point 4.

Fourth video point 5.

If they visit your site at any time during your course, that’s point 6. 

At this point, you can follow up with them to see how the course was for them, or even schedule a call, which becomes point 7!

You win. 


At this point, it’s likely some prospects will already be ready to buy. Others will be very close to it, with one or two objections that need to be resolved before the purchase. 

Easy? Yes.

Fully automated? Yes.

Now, you will also get people who only make it through 1 or 2 videos. 

That’s normal. 

Every industry has “tire kickers”. 

You already know what I mean by that.

The ones that go to the car dealership and kick the tires, but never wanna buy anything. 

You don’t need to bother personally following up with this low level of interest, because they aren’t really interested at all. 

Spend your precious time elsewhere.

Do you see how this free online course strategy, becomes a really practical method of gauging prospects?

That’s in addition to it being a compelling and valuable offer to begin with.


How Do You Start This Video Marketing Strategy?

Before I forget – don’t just dive in and start filming! 

You need to make absolutely sure that your topic is RELEVANT. 

It has to be trending, and search engine worthy. 

Make sure it’s a topic that people actually want to know about. Determine that by doing your keyword research. 

More on that here.

Once you have a quality topic, pick the 3-5 major points you want to address in your topic, and make one short video about each one. 

For Example, let’s say your topic is: 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Sales.

Your keyword research says that these following keywords are trending:

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Ad Words

Make 3 videos, and each video will cover one topic in detail. 

Your video marketing strategy can be this easy! 

3 videos.

But whoa mama is it a killer offer. Remember, people still really value video courses, and the right people will value yours. 

Read on for some more simple tips on how to make your course kick ass…


Kickass Tips To Become More “Kickass-able”

Tip 1: Build Your Credibility First

It’s really important that you begin you first video, with a little intro about your expertise. 

I know it’s counterintuitive because it’s not what people signed up for. 


You must remind people that you are an authority before you get started. 

This will make them pay more attention and take you more seriously, then if you just launch into education. 

After all, they don’t know you, remember?

Start by talking about your expertise, history or background. 

Keep it simple, but a little bragging here will go a long way for you.


Tip 2: Build Anticipation For Your Next Video

The second killer tip, is to end every video with a quick promo about the next video coming up in your series. 

Get them excited about your next video! 

Build anticipation for it. Tell them why they need to see it!

Game of Thrones did an incredible job of this. 

And while you don’t need to end every video with a “Red Wedding”, you need to talk about why they really need to see your next video. 

You can do this by talking about the problem that your next video will end up solving. 

End every video (except the last) with a promo for your next video. 

So what do you do at the end of your last video?


Tip 3: Call To Action, Grand Finale

At the end of your very last video, spend 5-10 minutes talking about your main product offering. 

After all, it’s why you’ve made this whole training in the first place. You want them to buy your stuff. 

And if people have watched your video to the very end, you better believe they are enjoying your content!!

So take advantage of the prospect being excited about you, and ASK. FOR. THE. SALE!!!

Your call to action needs to be the grand finale of your training. 

This boosts your ROI big time.

So as you can see, video courses are an easy and super potent video marketing strategy. 

Want to know the next steps, and find a video team to carry that out for you?

Want help with creating a script for your video course?

Get in contact with us today.






Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Creative Director at UpMedia Inc and a rapidly growing expert in Video Marketing. He’s spent 12 years in creative production, from award winning television shows (appearing on Netflix) and movies, to producing marketing content for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Centre, Great West Life, and BC Lottery Corp. His mission is to help your videos gain more leverage and impact online!


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