Video Promotion Strategy: How To Get Outstanding Results

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Your video promotion strategy is critical to your business growth. 

Aside from making a really great video, your video promotion strategy is the biggest difference maker in the success of your campaign. 

It’s not enough to just make a great video that sparks emotion. You need to make sure it’s getting viewed by the right people, so that the sale can take place.

What good is a great video that never gets seen?

We’ve worked for many brands, big and small, and surprisingly close to 50% aren’t using their video to the fullest potential! 

Believe it or not, some never even post it on their website. (We’re gonna have a serious talk about this.)

The most common problem people have, is that they post their video once, and leave it alone.

Perhaps you get lost in all the other marketing demands. 

Or maybe you don’t want to over-post your video.

In truth, you need to be posting your video in multiple places, so that you increase the chances of people seeing it. 

In this guide, let’s improve your video promotion strategy by discussing the best places to post your video, so you can get more outstanding results. 


Your Website: The Great Challenge

It stands to reason, that posting your new video on your website is the most obvious thing in the universe. 

However, this is getting missed more times than I can count. 

About half of the people I’ve worked with do not post their video to their website. 

(If the video is meant for internal purposes, that’s a different story.)

But even if your video is meant for social media, Youtube, an email marketing campaign, or some other specific method of digital communication – you should still post it on your website! 

Any video that informs people about your product or service, should be visible on your website in one of the more frequently visited pages. 

People would rather watch than read. If you give them something to watch, they’re going to watch it.

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. (HubSpot)

So why then, are people (maybe you) not posting it on their website?

The biggest reason is the people feel like they don’t have time to figure out how.

If you’re not a website programmer, doing any minor change to your site can be frustrating, risky, and even expensive to hire out. 

Their website is one of their biggest business assets, and scary to tamper with by adding a video.

So people would rather avoid it. 

But this is a huge waste of your marketing money! 

Most people will visit your website before they purchase, and video on your site has been proven to convert more clients.

Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. (Unbounce)

So please stop limiting the potential of your video, and get it on your website. Like, today!


Video Promotion On Your Blog 

Your blog is a powerful but underrated channel for your video promotion. 

Many people think that because the video is already on their social media page, or their home page, it can’t also be on your blog.


Blogs are meant to make you discoverable online when people are looking for specific information. This is the perfect place to show your video. 

But what if your video isn’t directly related to your specific blog?

No problem. There’s a solution to that. 

At the bottom of most blogs, you’ll have a signature. Usually it’s a picture with a brief bio about the writer. This is a great place to have your video, or at least a link to your video. 

A tagline that says, “Watch my video here”, is a great way to get people to watch it. 

I’ll say this again. 

People will watch a video, if you show it to them. 


Video On Your ‘About Us’ Page

The “About Us” page is a fantastic place to further your video promotion. 

People only really go to that page when they are already considering your brand, but want to get a little more personal with your company. 

Visitors to your website are already in the headspace to learn about you, so they will easily invest several minutes watching your video. 

I’ve found that About Us pages can be rather bland, and often impersonal. Many are not really about you at all. 

About Us pages should show a picture of you, or your staff. This creates relatability. 

A video is a perfect place for this, since we get to see you and your team in action. 

It’s not at all redundant to promote your video on your Home page and your About Us page. 

In fact, some people may have missed it at first glance, and when they see it again, they’ll know it’s important enough to watch. 


Video On Your Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are still great ways to capture new leads, and therefore a perfect place to work in your video promotion. 

While videos themselves are becoming lead magnets these days, such as free training videos and webinars, having links to watch your main video is the perfect segway. 

If your lead magnet is an ebook, or pdf guide, make sure there are links throughout your document to watch your video. 

People tire quickly when it comes to reading Ebooks. They just don’t hold attention like they used to. 

Fill it with videos, or links to your video, and you will further boost your viewership, and the quality of your lead magnet.

For better results, make sure you have a thumbnail that is hyperlinked to your video, so people can click to pull it up.

Example image:



Slide Deck & Presentation Videos

“That Powerpoint presentation was awesome” – said no one ever!

It’s true, presentations and slide decks have a tendency to be quite dull. 

But if you can break for a video in the middle, you will seriously spice up for your delivery. 

It can either be embedded in your presentation file (Powerpoint, or Keynote), or you can simply have a second window open to show your video. 

This is a tremendous tool if you especially dislike presenting, but have to do it anyway. Fill up time by showing a video (or two or three).

Videos in a presentation will definitely keep the audience engaged, so it’s a win-win.


Video Email Marketing

Emails are a highly underrated place for your video promotion strategy.

Emails are something you likely send out every day – and how many of them have your video embedded?

If the answer is ZERO, it’s time to add one 🙂 

Video Email marketing is a powerful tool, and will give you a competitive advantage. 

So much in fact, that I created a video about it.



The simplest approach is to add a video link to your email signature. 

If you use Gmail with your domain, I suggest posting your video on youtube, and adding the youtube url to your signature. This way you can take advantage of  Google suite’s compatibility, and you will get an automatic thumbnail that takes people to your video.

Otherwise, you can always hyperlink the text to your video. 

Here’s some examples of great copy to hyperlink your video in your email signature:

  • Watch my video here!
  • Check out my brand story
  • What makes us so different?

Social Media Video Promotion

Your social media channels are begging you for more video!

“Social media posts with video have 48% more views.” (The Marketing Helpline

Many people invest a lot of money in their video, and don’t get their full potential because they aren’t posting it to their social channels. 

The reason is similar to why they won’t post it on their website – it’s just too confusing. 

Linkedin for example, can be very tricky to attach to your profile.

Here’s a tutorial I’ve made to walk you through how to add video to your Linkedin profile.

But for most other channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it’s very easy. 

And if you’re finding it hard, just ask your 10 year old!

Or Google 🙂

Just getting started with video? Check out the S.A.V.E.


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By Anthony Madani

Anthony is the Director at UpMedia Video, and an expert at Video Marketing, with a rapidly growing business. He’s spent over 18 years in media production, from award winning television shows (on Netflix and HBO), to producing ads for large corporations such as Toyota, Flight Center, and Canada Life.

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