VR 360


VR 360 Video Is Here!

I’m about to show you the one thing that will change your video marketing forever.

There is a new camera technology hitting the market that is revolutionizing the way we do business.

It’s called 360° Video.

What makes it so powerful?

With camera that combines 2 fisheye lenses together, you can create a 360° space that viewers can experience.

This transports viewers directly into the driver’s seat of your video and gives them a highly immersive experience.

Immersive Branding

360° provides an opportunity to tell much deeper brand stories than standard video.

Being able to move to the camera to where they want, your customers are now in the driver’s seat of your video and can create a whole new experience for themselves, courtesy of your brand.

Even better, they can create a different experience each time.

Let’s say for example we did a 360° Video for UNICEF.

Instead of us showing you a video of a third world village, we can now put you into that village, inside a small shack, where you can look around the room. Imagine being able to really feel

what it’s like to be there.


Big Brands Are Jumping On This

Big Brands like the Vancouver Canucks and CFL’s BC Lions and Telus are already using  360° to draw in younger generations like mosquito’s to a light bulb.

And it’s only a matter of time before small to medium size businesses adopt this form of media as well.

Don’t get left behind!


360° is the next wave

When the iphone came out for the first time, it changed the industry forever. Everyone who had one drew a crowd. It changed everything.

The same thing happened with GoPro.

Everyone wanted to have one, because it was so innovative.

Technology spikes like this come in waves.

Next, 360° is starting to turn heads and draw attention. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream as the next big thing.

But isn’t it complicated to create?

It’s actually easier than you think! All you need is a 360° camera, which are becoming more and more affordable every day.  

The more brands that start to use it, the more demand increases, and the more affordable it becomes.


A Powerful Sales Tool

Goldman Sachs have predicted VR will become bigger than TV within the decade!

They estimate is will generate $110 US Billion in revenue within ten years.

Google research shows that 360° video contributes to a 5X higher click-through rate.

In a world where attention is the new economy, 360° video cuts through the noise like a Katana blade. It literally sucks in attention.

Imagine having this happen to your brand.


We Will Make It Easy For You

At UpMedia we love to bridge the gap between video and business growth,

and make the process simple and easy.

If you want to start using 360° video,  contact us.


360 VIDEO.