Get People To Binge-Watch Your Content In 4 Steps.

Last night I binged.

Harder than ever.

On Youtube.

Has this ever happened to you?

2 hours later, I realized I’m still doing it.


What just happened?

THAT, was the newest most popular form of binging to hit the market!


Introducing: The Youtube Binge

There is a specific type of demographic who binges like this (as there is with all drugs I guess).

Binge-viewing behaviour happens mostly with Millennials.


[mil-len-ee-uh l]

noun:? A person born in the 1980s or 1990s, especially North America.; a member of Generation Y.


I am one myself, and we are born of the information era. We want everything fast.

We have virtually no patience, and we are only subservient to the newest forms of technology and entertainment.


We also LOVE video!

Hollywood movies are pushing the envelope of visuals in every way.

And with technology making video more viable online, it’s the perfect gateway drug for us to fix on the latest greatest all-intoxicating, information!


Here’s some stats:

An astounding 37% of Millennials (age 18-34) say they binge-watch on a daily basis vs. just 14% among those age 35 and up.  РComscore.

75% of binge watchers only ever mean to watch an episode or two, and then find themselves sucked in by a series. -MarketCast.

As an entrepreneur, this is clearly a phenomenon YOU need to take advantage of.


But how?

Position yourself so a binge watcher ends up on your channel!

Binging on your videos.

Imagine how this can grow your audience engagement? Not to mention your Google ranking.

Think of how a binger will become engulfed in YOUR brand through your videos.

Here are 4 easy steps to bait the bingers, and watch them blow up your blogs!


Step 1. Create Relevant Videos

These addicts wants the freshest product on the market.

Put out content that is current. Make it interesting.

Study the latest trends in your niche and share it with your audience. People are looking for an info outlet they trust. If you can become that, you will gain loyalty and respect as a go-to thought leader (or go-to thought dealer).


Step 2. Create A Series of Videos

One video isn’t enough to show them the full spectrum of your value.

That’s like going out on 1 date. Create multiple videos so you build trust.

My suggestion is to create a short series that revolves around a topic.

Short enough that you can complete it, but long enough that it compels them several times over.

Think of it like you were making a music album. You’d have about 10 songs right?

So make 10 videos.

Then evaluate what’s working, and what needs to be tossed.


Step 3. Target Millennials

This is the demographic who binge-watches, so you need to be certain you are hitting the right people.

The statistics above shows that Millennials have the highest probability of binging on your videos, so make sure your content is relatable to them.


Step 4. Tell Stories

Millennials are sick and tired of hard-selling. They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Instead tell stories. Stories are more social. More fun. And they convert!

Millennials have grown up in a world obsessed with Hollywood heroes and villains.

So tell stories where your client is the hero and their problems are the villains.

Grown-ups call this case studies.

We call it storytelling!



My last night’s binging shenanigans helped me realize this social craze was really a massive business opportunity. And that it’s here to stay.

I discovered that Youtube binging is really a flocking of focus and if you inject yourself into it, you can yield massive growth of your audience, and eventually your sales.




Anthony Madani

Anthony is a growing expert in Business Storytelling and Creative Director at UpMedia Inc. He’s spent 12 years making compelling content in mediums such as 2D and 3D animation, graphic design and video, and on award winning television shows and movies. He is committed to building humanity in the business world with storytelling.


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