Script Writing

Script Writing For Video Production

Why do you need Script Writing?

Elicits Emotion:

Your script is so effective because it sparks emotions, which get psychologically linked to your brand.

Keeps Attention:

Great script writing keeps attention in such a powerful way that even someone unfamiliar with you will watch your video to the end.

More Clarity, Less Confusion:

With an effective script, you can get your demographic to clearly identify and remember your uniqueness.

What Makes A Script Successful?

The key to great script writing is to use compelling storytelling.

Story keeps attention and draws in the viewer like nothing else!

If your story is compelling, your video will win the hearts and minds of your audience.

That’s where we come in.

Introducing StoryWorx!

Story + Workshop = StoryWorx

StoryWorx® is a short but powerful storytelling workshop we created, where we take a deep dive into your brand’s story.

We’ll determine critical story points such as your client demographic, their pain points, your unique offerings, and your brand’s overall impact.

Then we take all those great gems, and put them together to create the perfect story for your video.

This process allows us to have the most impact when creating your video script writing or conducting interviews.

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The Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey is the story formula used by the most successful box office hits (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Matrix, Marvel, etc.)

It’s used so frequently because it works, and creates a story that all cultures and demographics can identify with.

It’s also proven to keep attention, and elicit emotion powerfully.

That’s why our StoryWorx® process is rooted in the The Hero’s Journey, and provides us with a strong narrative for your video.

The only difference is that we add our own unique marketing spin on it, so it serves to grow your business.

This way it works great when viewed on your website or social media.

Our Philosophy

You are NOT the Hero.

We’ve discovered that by putting your potential client at the centre of your story and making them the Hero,  you invite them into a narrative they’ll get excited about!

Meanwhile, positioning yourself as the Mentor who helps the Hero win the day, puts you in a position of authority and power.  This approach attracts your most ideal clients.

You are not the Hero; Your client is, because of you.

Now that’s a story worth telling!


How We Apply StoryWorx

Once we’ve completed our StoryWorxⓇ session, we go back to the lab and organize our notes. Then we produce the following:

Video Concept

Our StoryWorxⓇ session gives us the raw ingredients for the main story concept, which is the foundation of success for your video.

Video Script

We use our StoryWorxⓇ notes to form the script and Ad-copy used in your video.


Once the script is completed and approved, we often create a voice over track using professional voice over artists.

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